Before you do this meditation plan to take an outing in a park near you, a walk on the farm or around the block. Be on the look out for a natural crack or hole going into the ground. A cave would work to.
If you have memories of a natural cave or crack like this then you can skip the walk and use that memory.
I like to use a meditation CD with a native drum beat, something slow like your heart beat. You can use other sorts of music but this shamanic drum beat has been used for eons with good reason.
Lie down in your meditation room and place an eye pillow over your eyes or a small towel. Light some incense that feels earthy or woodsy to you.
Create an intention for a safe journey and a connection to one of your power animals.
Be sure to do a grounding visualization before the meditation begins.
After you lie down and close your eyes, place the pillow on them just listen to the music, focus on your breathing. Let your self get more and more relaxed. Trust you are safe and all is well. Trust that you have the time set aside for this relaxation and you deserve this time to nurture your self.
Hold the intent that your animal totem will appear and make a connection.
Begin to send your spirit body out to that hole in the ground , or the cave you saw.
Just "pretend" you are there like magic. You can see more techniques for visualization on my marveena web site.
When you are going onto the crack or the cave you might find it a very small opening. That is ok, remember you are in your spirit body so you can slide through real easy!
Just move on into it and begin to travel down the path before you.
You will be surprised that it is a lot lighter than you thought.
Trust your guides to take you to just the right place to rendezvous with your power animal/totem.
When you get there observe your surroundings, send out thoughts of welcome to the spirit.
Observe what happens without judging.
If by chance a spirit appears that scares you, you have the right to tell it to go back where it came from. Stand your ground, don't let a spirit come to you that don't like the feel of. There are yucky spirits out there.
When you see an animal approach, look into it's eyes. Your totem will have eyes like you own. You will feel safe and comfortable with that animal. Acknowledge the guide, send out your questions to it. Sort of mind to mind. Ask your guide for information that you would like to know. If it isn't a stupid question, you might get an answer. If you are being spoiled or thought less, you might be ignored.
Tell your guide to stay in close touch with you, that you want to develop a better connection.
Then say good bye for now. Look around before you go, there might be a little special reminder of your guide lying around. Maybe a special rock, a feather. You might see a symbol. From now on when you see that image, just know that your totem is trying to make a connection to you for some reason.

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MarVeena the Ghost Queen lives on a horse ranch near Dallas, TX. As a young woman she had a Near Death Experience that altered the course of her life. As a result of the injuries she began having visions and conversations with people no longer living. This got her started on a life long pursuit of spiritual understanding and awakening.
Now she gives special mediumship readings and teaches self mastery programs through out the US.
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