Now that you have establish the "family routine" for the new school year; it's time to help create great study habits for your children. Tests and assignments are part of the school routine and encouraging good work and study habits will help improve your child's grades and confidence in themselves for accomplishing tasks.

The success of a child in school is dependent on their study habits and organizational skills. Establishing a homework routine or habit early will ensure fewer struggles for your child as they continue through school and life.

Tip No. 1 If you haven't already, create a "homework" area, now is the time. It could be the kitchen or dinning room table, the family "den", even your child's bedroom. Stock it with paper, pencils, pens, crayons, glue; everything that will encourage the successful completion of the nightly homework assignment.

Tip No. 2 Set a time with your child to do their homework. Mark it on the calendar. Stick with the time you have chosen. Hold that time priority, straying from this time discourages good homework habits. Set reasonable consequences for not using this time to complete homework.

Tip No. 3 Investigate resistance. If there is resistance to completing homework, investigate the reason. Does your child have trouble understanding the material? Is your child asking for help? Does your child get along with their teacher? Can your child see the blackboard?
Tip No. 4 Ask for help. Urge your child to ask for help if they need it; either from you, a teacher or a tutor, or even a study group. It is important for your child to feel comfortable about asking questions and you need to strive to never make them feel wrong when they do.

Tip No. 5 Encourage your child to pay attention and interact in class. It's okay to be inquisitive. It is the way we all learn. It also helps other students understand they are not the only one having trouble.

Tip No. 6 Get a great nights sleep the night before a test. Ensure your child has reviewed the material for their test. Then help them to relax and get a good nights rest. A rested mind the day of the test will improve their confidence for the test.

Tip No. 7 Use homework to teach organizational skills. The main purpose of homework is to increase learning and improve work habits. The skills they learn from their study habits will follow through to adulthood.

Tip No. 8 Plan ahead. Mom or Dad, if possible, ask your child's teacher for a schedule of tests and assignments. Planning ahead will encourage your child to study nightly and to work on assignments ahead of the due date. Cramming it all into the night before a test or assignment deadline will only cause stress, lack of confidence and poor grades.

Tip No. 9 Review their classwork. Reviewing notes or chapters from the day's learning, helps to re-enforce what was taught and helps with retention of the information.

Tip No. 10 Break assignments or studying for tests into smaller units. Study by chapter or individual topics. Make flash cards and study with your child or have a friend over to study with your child. Save the night before the test as a review night. Break large assignments into nightly goals: research one night, write the next etc. Making nightly goals for a large assignment will make the assignment less daunting.

With time, perseverance, patience and understanding you will ensure the building of good study habits and organizational skills that will serve your child well in their college years and beyond.

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