Culturally and historically, Massachusetts has always been one of the torch bearers for the rest of United States. It is the location of the oldest university of the country Harvard as well as the first women’s college in United States, Mount Holyoke College. Interestingly, it is also the first state to recognize same sex marriage. First state appointing a teacher and establishing grammar schools way back in 1647, Massachusetts also boasts of –

* Oldest public elementary school; the Mather School founded in 1639;
* Oldest high schools in Boston Latin School founded in 1635;
* First state to pass compulsory school attendance laws.

Massachusetts Secondary Schools

Main features of Massachusetts secondary schools are as follows.

* No less than 121 institutions of higher education exist in Massachusetts.
* Harvard institute and Massachusetts Institute of Technology are located in Cambridge.
* Over 40 colleges exist in the greater Boston area and another ten in the greater Worcester area.
* University of Massachusetts is the five campus University systems and UMass Amherst happens to be the largest of the campuses.

What the Schools Offers?

Multiple offers come from the secondary schools to the students.

* Wide selection of different types of team sports is offered.
* Numerous academic coursework are given to sharpen the skill of the candidates.

Massachusetts Boarding Secondary Schools

Boarding schools in Massachusetts allow the students to follow a community life. Despite being pricey they offer many facilities that are not available in the local traditional schools. For instance; the Deerfield Academy has very low teacher to student ratio that comes to only 1:5 while it’s athletic and sports programs include alpine skiing as well as water polo. Similarly, the Groton School also has similar ratio and offers multiple sports facilities for students. Besides both also have large percentage of students attending Ivy League Schools like the Princeton.

Massachusetts Public Secondary Schools

Department of Elementary and secondary Education of Massachusetts publish reports cards of schools functioning in the state. Factors that are taken into consideration are –

* Achievement of students;
* Enrollment size; and
* APY of the schools.

Massachusetts Private Secondary Schools

Many private schools befitting the requirement of students are there and most of them have no religious affiliation. Features and programs of schools vary widely. Stoneleigh Burnham School is an exclusively secular girl’s school, while Al Noor in Mansfield in Muslim school.

Other Categories

Other categories of Massachusetts secondary schools are Alternative schools and Charter schools.

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