Everyone loves a good pamper now and then, whether it’s regular Loofah routine or a foot massager, there is a spa and massage tool to be found in every woman’s bathroom.

Massage accessories are a huge market as not everyone can afford to have a spa massage daily. There are plenty of products to be found in the market promising to relax, de stress and ease away then tension.

Massage tools comes in all shapes and sizes, from foot rollers, back massagers, large arch massagers and all kinds of wooden tools that help knead away the knots and ease stiffness. The good thing about massage tools is that you can use them on yourself. While some may just ease tension others massage products like the foot roller actually works on your acupressure points and is almost a mini reflexology session. Simple leaving a massage roller foot under your desk will tempt you every so often to roll your feet on this. This can be quite beneficial for wellbeing and important points on the soles of your feet can be stimulated on a daily basis without much effort at all.

The Pranamat is also an example of a tool or rather a mat that helps stimulate the acupressure points and promotes self healing and relaxation. Regular use of Pranamat can help you to relax and stimulate a quicker self-healing process of your body, releasing endorphins to promote a sense of wellbeing at the same time. The Pranamat can help with upper & lower back pain, neck ache, stiffness, low blood pressure, muscle cramps, headache, stress, muscular tension, arthritis, insomnia, and cellulite. It is also ideal for those who are practising yoga and sports regularly as it induces deep relaxation, healing and harmonises the body.

Massage oils are also great for using at home, and can be used with a massage accessory too. Good massage oils include Grape seed oil, Sesame Seed oil and Sweet Almond oil. Grape seed oil is very popular is readily absorbed into the skin without leaving it greasy and sticky.

A lot of spa accessories like sponges and Loofahs are often made from sisal fibre. Sisal fibre is renowned for its curing effect on the skin and is a known remedy for acne, eczema and cellulite. It is also renowned for its built in massaging, cleansing and exfoliating action.

The Adriatic sea sponge is also a very popular spa accessory, handpicked from the Adriatic Sea, this sea sponge is a rare and naturally grown organic sea fibre that in its natural form nourishes, exfoliates and cleanses the skin. With high levels of natural iodine, the sea sponge has an anti-bacterial effect on the skin.

Body brushing or dry skin brushing is a popular spa treatment and spa accessory, body brushing promotes circulation and aids the exfoliation process. It is also great for use in the bath or shower to cleanse, exfoliate, massage & revitalize the skin.

Small lifestyle pleasures and beauty treatments don’t always have to be expensive. A good massage tool for daily stimulation, daily body brushing in the bath, a sisal Loofah for exfoliating the body all deliver benefit and are affordable and easy to accommodate within your daily routine.

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Energize your body with massage tools made of sisal fiber. This massage products also includes body brushing spa accessories.