You are living in pain, suffering. It doesn't have to be this way. You can change and you know it. You have the power to flip the script, and you are about to have a blue print of what to do next. How to take back your control and stop the needless suffering. The key here is that you recognize that you've got the power to change. Your life is in your control; you are in your control. You will build trust in yourself, believe you can. All you need do is begin.

This philosophy centers on cultivating a positive approach in the face of adversity. The only things necessary are that you have the desire to enrich your knowledge, enlighten your experience, and be willing to try something new in a positive spirit. Somewhere along the way you just may start nodding your head yes, instead of unconsciously shaking your head no.

This practice is based on the three Principals of Prosperity: Perception, Preference, and Power. Work with your perception and begin to hear and understand the story you have been telling yourself and start to flip the script. Look to at your preference and begin to actively play with your choices. Stand in your power by taking action to create your aspiration.

To create the life you desire you cannot continue to manifest by default you have to give yourself directions to your destination. As you begin to create intentionally you will attract joy and abundance. You will develop balance and step into the flow of life by reconnecting to your true infinite supply.

During your journey into your perception you will begin to wake up and take back control of your life by becoming aware of how you have been describing the facts of your life. You will reveal what truth remains in the story you have written of your life. The filter through which you see the world is your perception, it is like no bothers and uniquely your own.

You become what you concentrate on, everything you see and experience is tainted by your perception. If you perception is tinged with a steel gray of self doubt then your view into your possibilities is hampered. If you are focused on what you do not want you will receive more of what you do not want.

By becoming aware of your story you empower yourself to shift your perception to a more optimistic view. Begin to constructively master your inner dialogue.

Your preference is your guide in this life. When you listen to what your heart is saying you will steer your life well. Your preference is designed to choice by choice bring you into alignment with your highest and best self. You were born therefore you have value, you have something wonderful to share. When you feel excited about something you are working in the arena of your dreams.

You receive an abundance of what you ask for, get clear on what is you want. Come from a place that you are enough and believe it. Train you mind to seek abundance rather than lack and limitation. Look for the wonders that are present in every day of your life, give thanks. Appreciate, be grateful. Release resistance and welcome life's bounty.

When you begin to actually apply your power by taking action you move energy and when you move energy you create change. You are blessed with free will which you can consciously design the live you desire.

A belief is simply a thought you have over and over, so have the ability to think a more positive thought over and over there by instill a new and improved belief system. When you believe in yourself than anything is possible.

To stop suffering you must change your negative thought patterns. When you face difficult time look at them as opportunities to get clear on what you really want and rally your latent forces. You can deliberately create the life of your dreams. When you take back your focus you put the power back into your life.

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Michele Howe Clarke, Certified QSCA Coach, MBA and bestselling author of Face Forward: Meeting Challenges Head on in Times of Trouble. Michele is a thriver who shares how she emerged alive, vibrant and victorious from disfiguring Head and Neck cancer. She is also an experienced speaker, real estate investor, entrepreneur with over 12 years of experience in investment banking. She has walked her talk and she truly knows what it takes to make the difference that really matters in life. She is a powerful Change Agent who empowers you to make change easy so you can claim your value and enjoy your success now!