Have you ever had one of those moments when you knew with total clarity the answer to a problem, the direction you needed to go or just a clear realization of who you are and how you fit in the Universe?

These are called Moments of Clarity, Epiphanies, or simply “AHA” moments.
They hit with suddenness and it’s as if a light was switched on in a dark room. Everything is absolutely clear.

A moment of clarity is an “AHA” moment that is a defining point. It is a point in time where you are in touch with the Universal Power. You have real wisdom. It is a moment that can change your life.

It is a moment when all the pieces of the grand puzzle, which is your life, fall into place. You experience a powerful knowing and for that moment, you have all the answers. It can be a life changing experience.

Unfortunately, if you don’t grab the moment it can quickly disappear and leave you as muddled as you were before it came.

Today we’ll talk about grabbing your “AHA”S and making them work fo you

Albert Einstein:
“If at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it.”

What Are They?
What are “AHA” moments? They are moments of extreme clarity. Like Eureka! A moment when you experience elation, knowing and relief.

It’s as if a zillion watt bulb suddenly comes on and illuminates a dark room. There is clarity on the direction your life should take or on a decision you should make. They are sometimes fleeting; You must learn to pay attention to them. Grab and hold on to them.

These moments of clarity are similar to the moment when an addict hits bottom. The point where they give up and acknowledge the need help.

Why Do They Happen?
Usually you have been mulling and gnawing at a problem or rehashing a decision or worrying about a course of action. These thoughts stir the subconscious mind and move it to action.
You’ve been telling it to go look for answers. The subconscious mind searches through its vast storage system and communicates with the Universal Mind, of which it is a part.
It’s like running the file search on your computer. It searches through its’ limitless storage files and comes up with the answer.

Where Do They Come From?
The Universal Mind feeds the subconscious mind and the subconscious mind gives the conscious mind a nudge. That nudge is the “AHA” moment.

At that instant you are absolutely in tune with your small voice within and with the Universe. At that moment, you are all powerful.

My “AHA” took place after twenty four years of alcoholic drinking. It occurred suddenly and dramatically. In an instant I knew I could no longer live my life as a drunk. I had to make a change. It was that day that I began my thirty plus years of sobriety.

It shook me to my core and gave me the clarity and strength to change my life.
I have since experienced numerous “AHA” moments. Some major and some minor.
You too have experienced them, perhaps you didn’t recognize them as such but you knew you’d had a profound spiritual experience.

How can you have more of them?
“AHA” moments can be cultivated by simply paying attention when they come and giving thanks for them. The Universe is generous in sharing it’s knowledge.
Encourage more moments by taking time for daily reading, daily journaling and daily meditation. You won’t get “AHA”s by frantic searching, worrying and demanding answers. They only come to the quiet receptive mind. Create an atmosphere of receptivity.

What To Do When They Happen?
You need to be ready, know what to do. Take action. Think of these moments as gifts from the Universe. If someone gave you a package would you throw it away or would you open it?

Take time to explore it, marvel at it, say thank you and then make changes to act on your new wisdom.

Let me repeat. Be receptive to your “AHA” moment. Look at it, examine it, put it into action. This is your true self talking to you.

You may, in one grand “AHA” instant, discover who you truly are. You may discover the miraculous person you’ve always been and just didn’t know it.
To encourage the possibility of receiving more and more “AHA” moments: practice daily meditation, keep a daily journal, and set aside time for daily spiritual reading.

Go to your meditation with an empty mind, not one full of preconceived answers.

Empty the cup; let the Universe fill it with little and big “AHA” moments.
It is really fun finding the missing pieces of your life puzzle.

Joseph Zinker:
“During those rare moments of creativeness, when an ordinary person has something in common with the making of the Universe, he feels a sense of transcendence, of moving beyond his daily life. What could be a greater reward?”

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