Master the Body - When we master our body we take control of our life. Thus we know we have the ability to live in accordance with our divine nature, to make our life worth living by having good health. It seems simple, yet so many people allow their bodies to take control of them, instead of the other way around. Being the master of our health opens doors to other aspects of mastering that allow people to thrive, succeed, and find true happiness. As with all those great masters it’s important that we learn to take control of our body with the power of our mind and spirit. Thus the temple which houses the spirit of infinite love will always thrive.

Master the Tongue - All the great avatars had mastery over their tongue. They never allowed there tongue to prattle on creating havoc in their life. In fact all the great masters spoke very little, but when they did speak their words came from a place of deep understanding from their heart. For they new that God, the Universe, and One and Only had complete control over their tongue. And thus whatever came out of their mouth had to reveal divinity. Thus it’s important for us to have complete mastery over our tongue. And when we have complete mastery over our tongue it opens up millions of possibilities.

Master the Senses - All the spiritual avatars down through history had the ability to master all five senses. They became beautiful vessel which held the divine Spirit of God, the Universe, and the One and Only. They had great mastery over their eyes and thus only saw the light of God in everyone and everything. They had mastery over the ears and only heard the beautiful music of love where ever they would travel. They had mastery over their sense of touch, they only felt the electrical attraction of God. They had mastery over their sense of smell, and thus they would only smell the sweet floral scent of love no matter where they went. And the great masters had complete mastery over their sense of taste, and would taste the sweetness of Divine Spirit at all times.

Master Desires - All the great masters and especially Buddha knew that we had to control our desires in order to find true happiness and peace. For desires keep us trapped in the future never understanding the power of peace in the present moment. Desires keep us wanting more, we are ensnared in a material world of Maya. And to break free of Maya it’s important to topple desires. Thus that is why Jesus, Buddha, and many others lived very simple lives, with very little in the way of material possessions.

Master Feelings - All the great avatars knew through the power of meditation, prayer, contemplation, and in being a nature about the power of feelings. They understood that feelings come and go. Feelings arise in the mind, just like an itch that we think we need to scratch, but in reality we just need to let go, and the itch will go away. The masters knew that man was a slave to his feelings, and so having mastery over feelings is vitally important. But the great masters also knew that at the same time feelings are important. That when we devoid ourself of all feelings we become lifeless and disconnected from God… so it’s important to choose positive uplifting feelings that empower.

Master the Mind - All the great masters who have come to this plane had great mastery over their mind. Their thoughts were pure, and thus karma had no influence over their life. When we learn to control our mind with meditation, prayer, contemplation, and being in nature, all that is outside of our true divine nature is let go of… and thus our life exudes peace, bliss, and contentment. At that time it’s not what we say that counts, it’s not what we do that counts… it’s our true being that counts. And thus when we walk into a room full of people they feel our great peace and Oneness with God, the Universe, and the One and Only. All the great masters transformed hearts at a distance, without words, without gestures, and even without the need to look at a person… it all happened spontaneously. Because they had mastery over their mind and centered their mind constantly on God.

Master Spirit - And when take all the other six aspects of mastery and put them together we create a formidable understanding of the power that created the Cosmos. Thus life changes forever and we are never the same, for we have attained divine mastery over all that exists. Not only in our mind and body, but also reaching out to the far corners of the Universe. Thus we are God within the divine aspect of God. Thus all time, space, and consciousness come together in one endless cohesive unit that is omnipresent and omnipotent.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider

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