An analogy on how to best run your mastermind groups;

Think of it this way,you and a group of buddy's are out on a fishing trip for the there maybe three, four or more fishermen on the boat, not too many or you'll capsize the boat. There's going to be a captain or boat owner on board, too for the day to run things. All of you on the boat are going to be like-minded and get along well in general and agree why you on the boat in the first catch fish and have a good time, right.

Point #1: Same thing with your mastermind group, you're going to look for a group of like-minded friends, people, business partners and/or mentors to go on a trip with you towards your success. If it's your own mastermind group then you're the captain so to speak, you're going to be the one who needs to keep things running in the group. One of the most important pieces of the mastermind group is to make sure that all the members of this group are able to get along for the most part, can agree why each and every member knows why they're in the group. Your mastermind group needs to have a clear set of common goals for the group to help guaranty success and is one of the main reasons most mastermind groups fail.

Now, everyone on the boat will all have different fishing styles or methods and abilities. Some of the fishermen will have more success at catching fish then others on the boat and at the end of the day these successful fisherman are usually glad to share what they catch. Each fisherman will most definitely come from a different background and that's what makes it fun, interesting, why you want to spend time on the boat with the other fishermen in the second catch fish together, correct.

Point #2: It's no different in your mastermind group; your members will have differences from each other. Their styles, methods and/or abilities are going to be helpful in working out the problems being faced by the members of the group. Each mastermind group member has a unique way of thinking about a problem which is where a mastermind meeting finds its success and helping each other out in the group. This is one of the main reasons why you want to be a member of this mastermind group, to spend time with like-minded individuals helping each other out finding the solutions to the problems faced by the members. This is a major key to success of belonging to a mastermind group!

Here's the thing each and everyone one of these fishermen are trying to achieve the same goal (catch more fish) and are looking out for each other on board the boat, helping where they can. Can you hear them yelling out at each other when one of the fishermen is trying to reel "the big one" it's all hands on deck! This is important as well, this is the moment that this fisherman has to go it on his or her own in the big chair but, still finding the support from your mates! They're helping each other out and when it's their time at the rail of the boat, they move on to the next fisherman needing help who gets a nibble on their line. Finally, everyone on board is going after the same thing...catching more and more fish as the day goes on, bringing a boat load of great fish home to brag about!

Point #3: Of course this is why we start and/or join a mastermind group, to bring together a select group of members, like-minded people to help with each of the problems of the group as a collective. A tried and true benefit for all mastermind group members is to help reach their success by looking out for each other and making each other accountable, too. This is your time in the "big chair" where you can take the help presented to you by the other members of the group and go out try them for yourself...go for it! In the mean time you move on to other members of the group and do your best to help them out with problems they're facing now. That's it everyone in the mastermind group is moving towards the same common goal and the main principle of using a mastermind group to help with your success.

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." Chinese Proverb

There are several great articles around the internet about mastermind groups their guidelines and rules of running a successful mastermind group; we hope this is a good analogy to help you understand the basic principles behind this great business helper first suggested by Mr. Napoleon Hill author of the international best seller since 1934 "Think & Grow Rich" and published into many foreign languages around the world.

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