To truly be Divine we must create mastery over self. To take control of our senses and see things are they really are. If man allows his senses to have complete control he is unable find the True Self. He becomes a servant to his senses and never breaks free. But if the Light of Love, the Light of God, the Light of the Universe, and the Light of the One and Only are able to find a crack in the armor of ego. Love impresses a message upon the heart which starts the process of doing away with the senses. Then man can ultimately walk the path of setting himself free.

But the path of liberation is not easy, there needs to be a calling, a hunger for answers like Buddha, Jesus, and Krishna to hear the still small voice. Divinity cannot be found through austerity, nor can it be found through knowledge… only through complete surrender to the Divine Self in silence.

Those who persevere go out and help those who are suffering, and unceasingly contemplate in deep meditation what LOVE is really about. And that answer impresses upon the heart a powerfully message that changes everything. Friends say: “He is not the person I used to know”, but that’s OK, for the Real Self, the Divine Self has taken over and thus they are reborn.

Most friends and family do not understand. They back away thinking they are crazy. And perhaps they are crazy, crazy with love. Love for all that exists in the Universe. Some are able to handle this power in ways that changes life on the planet. Still others are so overwhelmed with the explosion of Love that they sit in parks for years giving Love and helping those in need. They care for their bodies as the Divine Temple of Love, yet they know they are a drop of Love in an endless sea of Love.

Dr. Paul Haider

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