Five times per week, each and every week. That's how often men have been told to masturbate if they'd like to keep their junk as healthy as possible. However, some researchers suggest that multiple wanking sessions performed on a regular basis could actually be detrimental to penis health in some men, particularly if they perform the act in such a way that urgent penis care is required in order to heal the damage left behind.

Playing with the Prostate

Much of the pro-pleasure debate has centered on the walnut-sized prostate gland that is buried deep inside a man's body. This little gland can harbor all sorts of toxins and rogue cells, so flushing out the system with a healthy dose of pleasure was once seen as a must for men of all ages.

Now, the research has become a bit muddied, with some studies suggesting that men who get self-frisky at a young age might actually harm the prostate with increased masturbation frequency. More research must be done before the connection becomes clear, and it's likely that someone with a lab coat is currently planning those studies right now, but the preliminary results should give young men pause if they engage in daily play.

Masturbation in the young may expose the prostate to added hormones, and this could increase the risk of certain types of cancer. Older men, on the other hand, do seem to benefit from letting fly on a regular basis. They may have more toxin exposure, a reduced capacity to flush bad cells naturally, or some other mechanism that ups their cancer risk. Masturbation among men in this age group might actually be good for health, experts say, but the exact amount of time an older man should spend wanking isn't quite clear.

The known risks of non-wanking

For men who never engage in any sort of self-pleasure, the penis can undergo a number of negative changes. For instance, it may become:

1. Shorter, since the tissues are never stretched by an erection

2. Softer, since the muscles that support the organ don't get a workout

3. Hard to control, as it may react enthusiastically in response to almost anything at all

4. Prone to night emissions, as the body simply must find a way to flush out the system from time to time

The penis is just designed for use, and neglecting that work can lead to some very serious penis health issues. That said, overworking the organ with a daily playtime session can also lead to abraded skin, sore muscles and a lack of feeling down below. Self-play, when done in a fast-and-furious manner, can really put the penis through its paces, and subtle damage can take hold in no time at all.

Moderation and Proper Care

When it comes to spanking the monkey, moderation is key. The intimates should be used, but they shouldn't be subjected to daily workout sessions year in and year out. Tissues sometimes need time to heal and knit back together, and fluids need to build back up to their proper levels. Whanging away mercilessly can leave a body ill-prepared for that kind of healing work.

Similarly, masturbation without proper aftercare can leave tissues sore and stinging, even when a man gets busy only once in awhile. The friction and pulling of the activity, combined with the furtive nature of the act, tends to put pressure on the skin and leave microscopic tears behind. A penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) can soothe those sores, and the vitamins and minerals in these products can nourish skin, so it'll be better prepared to handle the next hand-delivered assault. Adding this product to a moderate masturbation routine could result in enhanced health, and an increased ability to feel all the pleasures a little touch can bring.

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