No matter what kind of holiday celebration you have this year, if it looks good, it will feel good, and vice versa. Make your holidays a win-win with comfy, cute, and match outfits for couples this year. And why not add a little stretch in there just in case? Get festive with the following ideas.

Flattering leggings

Stretch knit leggings are fashionable, comfortable and slimming. Basically, this stuff is everything we look forward to on our vacation. Make your tummy happy with a slip-on waistband and say yes to the cake. For fun textures, look at a classic herringbone, or a crisp coated finish in a shade of black, or a black coated snake print. Combine it with any shirt and finish with sneakers or ankle boots.

Fluffy sweaters

If you're ready for a winter wonderland, puff sleeve sweaters should make an appearance. Fresh and feminine styles abound this season. Wear your stylish sweater with a pair of jeans and you're done. Another great option is a French terry knit sweatshirt with cute details, like small, elegant rhinestones or faux pearls. Wear it with jeans or joggers for a cozy and festive look.

Statement cargo and utility pants

You never have to sacrifice comfort for style with a pair of high-fitting cargo or utility pants for women. There are a wide variety of silhouettes to choose from and you will look perfectly matched. Think soft stretch white corduroy with utility pockets. For a relaxed look, you can wear a pair of high-waisted joggers with super soft, stretchy fabric.

A new coat

If you're out and about this year, you'll want to keep warm and look stylish. The holidays are the perfect time of year to wear a plush faux fur coat. Add luxurious warmth to your vacation with pastel or icy colors like mauve or lavender. Winter cakes are always refreshing. A new coat would add a stylish outer layer to all your holiday outfits, whether you're wearing a dress, jeans, or leggings.

Colored or patterned jeggings 

Figure-flattering jeggings are a woman's best friend, and the holidays are a great time of year to wear her best pair. You can style your entire outfit around a cute pair of jeggings. The key is to choose a pair that is soft, stretchy and holds your shape perfectly. Look for pretty patterned jeggings like plaid or something more daring like a leopard or snake print, or go for a solid color, like your favorite holiday color.

Pants and sweater combo

If you're feeling festive, a pant and sweater combo is an easy set for match outfits for couples. The color scheme of the pants and the type of fabric totally depends on your mood this year. Wearing a casual or dressy sweater with your pants can put you in the holiday spirit. 

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