Perhaps you’ve heard me (or others) say...

“You MUST be a match on the inside before it can show up on the outside.”

A lot of people get frustrated with the whole law of attraction concept. They think they should be getting faster results, instant manifestations and have a much easier time of it, in general. The hit movie “The Secret” left its viewers with false hopes. It implied that all you have to do is persistently think about what you want and POOF it will show up.

The Secret didn’t take into consideration that most of us have cross currents in our thinking. These crossed currents, mixed or counter intentions serve to delay, distort or even halt manifestation. Be honest with yourself for a moment. What happens any time you reach outside your current comfort zone? Perhaps you want to earn more income by seeking a new career. You may want to move to a new city for a fresh start. You may want to be in a committed relationship and start a family.

Your Desire Has Pulling Power

Whatever your desire, when you first think about it, it feels very appealing, exciting and the idea of having the experience is very compelling. What happens next is where the disconnect occurs. Anytime we attempt something new, our current ‘safe pattern’ rears it’s head. Let’s say you tell a family member about your plans. They may play devil’s advocate and try to pose reasons why you should just stay put.

By nature, humans have a strong pull for the familiar. That’s why it seems like it takes so much effort to change. Whenever we reach out of our comfort zone, the brain, our memories and thoughts get activated to seek and find patterns it can associate with.

The Familiar Has Pulling Power

If we don’t have anything positive to associate with the experience, the tendency will be to associate with some failure from the past. This makes it hard for anything new to come into our life experience. However, knowing what we now know about the brain and energy, whenever thoughts and fears about what you’re creating arise, simply list what fearful and failure thoughts arise and then consciously, deliberately overlay those thoughts and feelings with success and satisfaction thoughts and feelings. If you’ll do this daily, including all the senses, until your desire manifests you’ll rewire your brain and attract your desires.

It’s like “pulling weeds and planting flowers” in your mind. Neuroscience tells us we can change our brain by thinking. But it’s not a one-shot deal. It takes practice and consistency.

“The greatest achievement was, at first, and for a time, but a dream.” – Napoleon Hill

Consistency is Key

I recommend you make this practice a playful one – this way you’ll stay with it. Consistent creating with your imagination first will have an effect on the brain in the same way Olympic athletes enhance their performance. The trained mind is physically difference than the untrained one. Experiments prove that you can improve how the brain works and that actually changes the mind. It expands the ability of the mind, which in turn expands the capacities of the brain. That’s called “neuroplasticity”. The most exciting brain science discovery in over 10 years.

It takes effort to break up fearful, limiting mental programs and patterns. Especially when the pull for safety and familiarity is so strong. Living a life of little expansion, slow progress and no possibility feels like “doing time” on planet earth. Our true nature is that of an ever evolving energetic being. Affirming higher brain-mind-body functioning is a must to experience satisfying motion forward.

Have Fun With It

To stay consistent with the energy tools you choose, make sure they’re fun. When they’re fun, you’ll be more likely to practice them. Master your mindset and be an internal match to your desires. With practice comes satisfying self-mastery.

Author's Bio: 

Nanette Geiger is a best selling author, sought after speaker, and Mindset Mastery Expert. She specializes in helping her clients break through the limiting beliefs that restrict them from living life to its fullest. Nanette teaches transformational technologies based on cutting edge brain science, quantum physics, energy psychology and universal principles. Nanette's best selling book "Create the Love of Your Dreams, is the Essential How-To Relationship Book Using the Law of Attraction." Prior to manifesting the love of her dreams and attracting her dream career, Nanette was a real estate investor. Prior to that she was an opera singer having sung on 6 of the 7 continents.