Many young people know exactly the type of job they want in future, but only few of them think about their choice. Others are not too sure. However, what must be considered first is the personality and interest assessment which can help in the career choice.

Research has shown that an average worker can change career choice many times in their lifetime. This is why it is necessary to have knowledge In more than one skill area. Occupational change is a personal choice, which in some cases is as a result of movement to a geographical location where the job of choice exist.

A worker who has a multiple skills will have wider choices of employment opportunities when the job of first choice is not available. However, you must take into consideration the type of job that will be available in future. What will be the top paying job in 5 or 10 years from now?

You will be on the safe side if you continue to think that some jobs are becoming obsolete while at the same time new ones are coming up. Does your financial needs match your future job interest area? This question must be taken seriously. You may be young now and still in school, have you thought of getting married and having a family in the future? Will your income match the financial needs of your family?
These questions should be of interest to you
• How much will it cost to build a home in the future?
• What will be the cost of providing college and university education for your children?
• What health insurance policy will you provide for them?
• Does your choice of job guarantee a high degree of stability?
• How long do you hope to work before retirement?
• If the unexpected happen, like illness, loss of income from employment result in loss of your home or bankruptcy?
These are pertinent questions that must be taken very seriously. Experts say that people can be successful if they do what they enjoy. It is important that your area of interest has good chance of success in the real world.
It is true that there is so much time available, but if marriage and children arrive at an early age, it will probably be necessary to begin work to support the family before educational dreams and goals can be fulfilled.

Some professionals own two or three office and apartment buildings. The equity in the value of land and building grow over time while they are generating hard income from leasing and rental of office and apartment space. These investment provide them with the income that they needed for their retirement. This is to say that log range financial planning is very important.

Another important investment is saving. You must develop the habit of saving no matter your income. You must combine your career choice with sound and honest financial planning to meet the challenges ahead. Your choice of career must be the one that can satisfy your income needs after retirement.

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Author's Bio: 

Mark Irabor is a chief technologist and head of unit
college of medicine university of Ibadan