Today, we will look at dress suggestions that are suitable for various types of venues. But before that, there are two main rules to keep in mind for an easy and practical dress search. Let me tell you what they are.

#Rule 1: Always go dress shopping after finalizing the venue
Begin your wedding dresses shopping after you choose the venue, not before. This is because your dress should be comfortable as well as practical in the chosen setting. If you pick your dress first, there is a bigger risk of the dress not being suitable. This is especially if you have to choose a different venue, which can cause several other factors about the wedding to change. For instance, if the new venue has a staircase, mermaid wedding dresses may be inconvenient to get around from one place to another.

#Rule 2: Always shop early
I can never stress enough the importance of shopping in advance. As soon as you have an idea of the type of wedding you want, shortlist venue choices. Next, start the research for your dress. Go shopping soon after you lay down the deposit for your venue. It will take time to narrow down your choices and locate the right boutiques. You should then book appointments.

Your task isn’t complete even after you choose the dress. Afterwards, you have to get your alterations done and buy accessories. All this can take anywhere between six and nine months. So, prepare early to do it right.

Now that you know these important rules, let us move on to the list of dresses we have compiled. Take a look at the different styles our fashion experts at Best for Bride suggest for different wedding venues.

Church wedding or wedding in a house of worship
This is the traditional type of wedding. Thus, it comes with a set of rules that the bride is expected to follow. The wedding is formal in nature. Since the guests realize this, they tend to dress their best when the function is held in a house of worship. Choose a dress with huge impact, to stand out against the crowd. Floor length wedding dresses are ideal, as it looks grand in this setting. Traditional accessories like a veil are suitable for this venue.

Many traditional religious venues do not encourage revealing dress styles. So you may have to avoid strapless styles. Check with your chosen venue, in case of doubt. Either choose a dress with cap sleeves or longer sleeves, or add an accessory. You can wear a bolero or jacket for the ceremony over a strapless dress for the reception. Luxurious fabric finishes like satin or elegant classics like lace are suitable for this venue.

Ballroom wedding
You have more flexibility when choosing a dress for any indoor venue other than a church. The choice should ultimately be based on the theme and formality of your chosen venue. Nevertheless, elegant and sophisticated dress styles are suitable for most indoor venues. Modern silhouettes and soft, luxurious fabric finishes look good on such occasions. Minimal details on the dress and simple, uncluttered styles are ideal for a modern, stylish look.

Rustic venue like a barn
Venues like barns are intimate, warm and cozy. They are comfortable, with a relaxed and laid-back ambiance. When the dress you select reflects this effect, it will right for the venue of the event. Lace and chiffon are dress finishes that are ideal. Simple relaxed silhouettes that are not too tight or fitted are suitable. The sheath wedding dresses and A-line are examples. Short dress styles also look great. Accessories like the birdcage veil add a unique detail. Too many details and too ornate embellishments or big bold accessories will not compliment this theme.

Beach wedding
There are a number of factors to consider when you pick a dress for a venue like the beach. Airy and breathable light-weight fabrics are best suited for the natural ambiance. A long train is impractical due to the natural turf. Also, most beach wedding locations call for traveling. So, you need a light and minimal maintenance dress for easy of transport. Goddess-like styles are a big hit, as are dresses that do not feature a train. Take a look at our recommendations here.

Garden wedding
Garden weddings have a warm, intimate feel. Hence, it is no wonder that this outdoor venue is one of the most romantic venues there is. Garden weddings are best held in spring and summer, when nature creates a glorious palette.

Remember that there are many natural elements to consider in the case of a garden wedding. Your dress should be both practical and comfortable. Fabrics that will not weigh you down are the best, and will let you move about the natural terrain conveniently. Also, delicate wedding dresses with lace and other soft and feminine elements look best in the natural greenery. Avoid heavy ball gowns and thickly layered skirts. Instead opt for soft lace or silky satin. Dresses with short hemlines are also ideal for the casual vibe at a garden wedding.

City hall wedding
If you will be saying your “I do’s” at City hall and having a small lunch afterwards, there are few rules to follow when choosing your dress. You can be as fashionable as you like. Or pick a dress that is as modern or as traditional as it gets! The trend, however, is to pick an outfit that is smart but dressy. In short, it should stand out and still make sure you look and feel like a bride! Here are some of our picks for this venue.

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Today, we will look at dress suggestions that are suitable for various types of venues. But before that, there are two main rules to keep in mind for an easy and practical dress search. Let me tell you what they are.