To have a baby in the belly is certainly the most beautiful excuse for getting a little bit thicker every day. In order to feel better and well dressed with the growing ball, I have selected a maternity jacket for the winter and jeggings from the collection of " Mamalicious. I have tested both to give every mom to be the possibility to get an impression about this maternity clothes.

The woolen maternity jacket

The jacket is actually more of a short coat. The material feels pleasantly soft - and what I like right away is the large shawl collar, which allows you to style the maternity jacket differently - and also react to different weather situations.

The collar can be worn open, but also with snaps closed or snuggled around the neck like a scarf. Each time the coat looks different and it gives a nice look.

The soft belt for binding offers even more options. Worn open, the jacket swings in a generous A-line. Worn the belt closed, you have the ability to show figure. It brings out my belly in an advantageous way. It is great for combining and fits casual looks as well as an office or festive outfits.

Overall, the jacket has a feminine and elegant touch. I can already imagine that I would still like to wear them after pregnancy because even now when my belly is only visible to attentive observers, it does not seem too voluminous.

I can secure, that the maternity jacket keeps you warm the whole winter and the comfort in wearing that maternity jacket is good.

Jeggings in black by Mamalicious

The Jeggings in black are incredibly soft and comfortable. Although the material contains only 1% spandex, they are as stretchy and soft as any of my other pants - and thus immediately become a favorite part of my wardrobe. Like he maternity jacket, the jeggings also look really good and make a great figure.

A nice feature is the belt loops, so you can wear them as long as the belly is still small enough, even with a belt. They have an elastic insert over the pockets and although they sit well you will notice that there is still plenty of space for the growing baby belly. The material looks nobler and more dressed than I thought. With a blouse and blazer, the jeggings look elegant, but with sweat-shirt and sneakers sporty and casual. For sure I will carry her very much. And since she already looks so good - with a small belly - I could imagine wearing the jeggings now and then when the baby is already there.

Mamalicious is a professional manufacturer of maternity clothes and especially the maternity jackets and the jeggings are recommendable. Finding the perfect clothing for pregnancy, will not decrease all the pain, but it will help in feeling better.

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