Manipulation in relationships is not always meant to inflict damage but there are people who manipulate with the intention to tear your confidence and self-esteem apart, and subsequently, to make you question your beliefs, and even sanity. Thus, it doesn’t matter whether someone tries to manipulate for good or bad reasons, it is wise to be aware of the process so that you can prevent yourself from becoming a victim of it. In this article, Matthew Davis discusses the ways manipulators use to trap you in a relationship.

The Ways
Here are some ways manipulators try to trap you in a relationship:

1. Love bombing- The most common tactic exercised by the manipulators is called ‘love bombing.’ At first, they make their partner feel special by showering them with positive compliments, affection, and gifts. When the victim starts to really fall for them, they radically change. Whenever you engage in something they don’t like or don’t act in the way they want you to, they turn out to be a completely different person who blames you for almost everything.

2. Verbal trap- So, what does ‘verbal trap’ mean? Well, imagine this conversation taking place between a couple:

A: Wow, she is looking really pretty in that red gown, isn’t she?
B: Of course, she is looking gorgeous!
A: I knew it! Now, tell me since when have you been cheating on me?

If you often find your partner setting such verbal traps for you to put blame on you, you should realize that your partner is being manipulative and trapping you in a toxic relationship.

3. They force you to lose faith in your grasp of reality- Manipulators lie to create an alternative reality for you so that your faiths and beliefs are shaken. Unless you completely break down, they cannot take hold of you fully. The people tell you about “facts” like everybody talks derogatory things about you, you have enemies scattered everywhere, no one else understands you but them, and so on. Once you begin to believe such words, your self-esteem is heavily shaken, and you are likely to grow inferiority complex; and this is exactly what they need to dominate you.

4. They never mind blackmailing you- Be it a threat that has to do with any of your weaknesses, or one that is of an emotional kind, a manipulator never hesitates to use your vulnerabilities as their strength. They always point their fingers at you to make you think all the fault is your own, and it should be you who needs to do all the sacrifices and compromises.

5. They change color now and then- A common tendency among manipulators is that their actions don’t match their words, and they can turn from bright to pale within no time. They want all of your attention. Within a minute of praising your choice, they might tell you “you’re dumb”- making you doubt your sanity. Again, the purpose is to take complete control over your consciousness.

Always remember, nobody can manipulate you without your cooperation and consent. Try to have the courage and the sense of self-esteem to say no to people who undervalue and exploit your individuality.

Whenever you feel like you’re being manipulated in your relationship, don’t remain silent. Matthew Davies advises you not to remain passive in such situations, and to take the necessary actions to prevent them. No one should compromise with their individuality. If it is not possible to go for a discussion to change things for the better, or even after a discussion you feel you are being treated in the same way, it is the time for you to step out of it and move forward in life.

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