Maud was still held down, but now there was a naked black youth legs wide apart straddling her head, two enormous balls were lowered to her mouth, as in good lesbian books.
“Open up and get one in your mouth, then suck it and massage it with your tongue. First on the menu is your virgin cunt, you may have lost your hymen over the years, but no one has put anything but fingers in there, you are still tight like virgin.”

Not many lesbian romance writers or lesbian romance stories cover this subject.
Maud opened her mouth wide then with her lips kissing the loose scrotal sac she sucked in the lone testicle. Rolling it around she felt the sac tightening as the penis began to enlarge, she continued for over three minutes, until Marie spoke.
“Now the other one, you’re doing well, after this you get to lick your male dildo.”
Maud worked diligently not wanting to bring Marie’s lightening wrath down on her totally exposed body.

“I have specially chosen these guys, they are all eight by sixers, the average penis is six inches long and four and a half in girth; they, as you can work out, have another two inches and one and a half thicker.
Believe me width is better than length your sensitivity is higher at the point of entry than down near your cervix; in fact a long penis pushing there is more uncomfortable than pleasurable. I want us to have pleasure not unnecessary pain. Pain is good, but it must be thoughtfully applied.”
Next a long slightly curved penis was presented to her lips. Marie again gave instructions.
“Treat it like a clitoris, lick it up and down, pay special attention to the glans at the top, nip it very gently between your teeth, then flick the very top hard with your tongue, imagine that you are spanking it with your tongue.” Maud followed Marie’s advice, or command, whichever it was it worked soon she was rewarded by very heavy breathing and, low moans; quickly followed up by.


“Marie get your bitch off me, I can’t take anymore, can’t hold it back. Christ Almighty I am going to shoot.” With that her head was pulled up, the engorged penis slid into her throat where it jettisoned spurt after long spurt of hot sticky spunk down her throat. Maud managed to swallow as fast as it came, but it was not easy, as he pulled out some spunk dribbled out of the corner of her mouth. Marie looked down at Maud.
“Well this cat certainly knows how to get the cream; we will have to be more careful, good thing that I decided on a spare.” As she shot withering look at the now wilting penis.
“OK next one up, balls only, she is too dangerous to be let loose on a penis. Must be all those years sucking young girls clits.” Maud smiled, this was fun, never thought it could be. Male genitals had previously been a big turn off for her. Another pair of balls descended.
This time the owner took care not to get overly excited, wanting to maximise on the pleasures to come.
“Now you are big, you take that virgin tight pussy.” Commanded Marie.
Maud felt her breasts gripped by two large hands; next the tip of a hard penis pushing her vagina lips apart, then steadily pushing in going deeper and deeper; suddenly a full thrust balls banging near her anus, her vagina stretched like never before.
“Oooooooh!” escaped from her.
“Now that you’re in bang that pussy hard, work it wider!” Maud felt the penis withdraw, only to wait five seconds before ramming in all the way, she had never had her vagina so full and stretched. Every time the engorged organ plunged in waves of arousal never felt in the same way before erupted in her pelvis. She could not help emitting a long.
“Ooooooh!” Each time he drove his penis hard in, the balls slapping her bottom.
“You’ve got her singing to you, now go faster and faster, really bang up into her pussy, she will come soon.”
Maud vagina began to rhythmically pulse, alternately gripping and releasing the visitor as her climax began. Directly she did this he exploded losing all ability to hold back, he emptied his aching balls, sending squirt after long squirt deep inside, this lasted for nearly twelve seconds, longer than in many good lesbian books.
Maud felt the hot jets and that was it, she tipped over.
“Ooooooh! My god.” Her body shook, then went limp, as many lesbian romance writers or lesbian romance stories will attest to.

Written by;
Kathleen Scotte

Author's Bio: 

I am an India based Author of several articles. His interests are diversified based upon the internet findings and research. He is an Arts Graduate with specialization in Current Online Trends.