When it comes to lifting weights, a lot probably think that more is better. Yes, lifting heavier weights can help grow more muscles through time. However, when it comes to body building, also remember that it’s not simply about growing lean muscle mass. Here are some tips to help you maximize your workouts.

Many typically push themselves to exhaustion during training. However, studies also show that shorter duration workouts are considered more advisable as these can boost your hormonal spikes. Training for more than an hour increases your chance of secreting catabolic hormones. Apart from the recommended 40-minute training limit, also make it a point to maximize intensity of workouts by going for routines that require sprint-like quality (also known as sudden burst of power).

During training, it’s also recommended to pace yourself so you can maximize your performance. Also allow your body to rest at least 1 ½ minutes before you perform another set. Give your body time to regenerate energy in-between routine sets to avoid over-exhausting the muscles.

Taking workout supplements is advisable for those who want to get optimum workout results. Pre and post workout supplements help provide the body with the needed strength and energy to keep up with the intense physical activity. These products can also improve endurance and reduce muscle fatigue, as well as help the body replenish its strength and repair worn out muscles after the training. You can check out different best supplements in Nutrition Warehouse online for more info.

Target 1 to 2 muscle groups every workout session. It’s best to focus on working out one or two of major muscle groups at a time to get optimum results. Remember, though, to refrain from exhausting your muscles. Apart from the serious injuries and muscle damage this can cause, you also reduce the chance of getting the most out of the routine. For instance, avoid over exhausting biceps if you intend to target your back muscles during workout. Tiring out biceps (an assistant muscle group for back movements) won’t help you maximize your performance during your back muscle exercises.

In connection, also avoid targeting the same muscle group again right after an intense workout. Allow those muscles to replenish strength and recover; it’s best to target another group and just go back to the previous group at least 5 days after the heavy physical routine. Make a schedule of your workout routine and target a muscle group once every week.

Eat a balanced diet. Living a healthy lifestyle is important to achieve your most desired results. Your body consumes a lot of energy and calorie intake, so to ensure that your body has constant supply of needed energy, make it a point to at least keep the same food and nutrient intake to keep the body healthy. Consume the recommended amount of nutrients to boost muscle growth and facilitate optimum results brought about by the training. You can also invest in body building supplements from NutritionWarehouse to boost your performance and get the essential nutrients at the same time.

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