Working out to lose weight isn’t the walk in the park it seems to be. Progress depends on a lot of factors, including the intensity and frequency of the routines, the diet plan which complements the workout program, and the body’s metabolic rate (which, sad to say, varies between people). In case you’re well into the middle of your workout program, then you’re probably feeling the effects of diminishing returns. It turns out that it’s easier to lose your first ten pounds than to lop off the last five which achieves your ideal weight. Couple this with your body’s tendency to get overly familiar with routines and you’re set for a truly frustrating couple of months.

Plateaus and backslides don’t have to hold back your progress, though. All it takes is a decision to stick to your workout plan and you should see results in due time. Your workout routines comprise about twenty percent of the results, and you have to invest in the variety if you want to maintain progress, avoid or shorten plateaus. If you’re too accustomed to your gym routines, then you’ll eventually dread the sessions and the monotonous routines. It also doesn’t help if your body gets too comfortable with the intensity and frequency of the workouts. It’ll adjust to the difficulties, stunting your progress if you continue with the same program even if you’re body effortlessly breezes through the routines.

You should adjust your pace or take on a variety of other exercises. If you’re bored with the routines, try to do bursts of fewer repetitions. Add more sprints to your jogs, and give it all you’ve got for a minute or two before you pause and catch your breath. The focus and surge of activity stimulates the growth hormone, forcing your body to grow and develop in time. The gym routines also tend to get stale after a while, and it helps if you do some freeform activities like rock climbing, surfing, or basketball; tone your body without relying on the repetitive movements of programmed workouts.

Your carb intake factors into your progress, and you’ll have to limit your consumption, gradually reduce it as you go along. The ideal minimum is 50 to 100 grams a day; reduced insulin production fires up your metabolism and helps your body burn fat, this without the help of pre-workout supplements. Make sure your body doesn’t miss out on other essential nutrients, though. Monitor your protein intake, consuming a ratio of 7.1 grams protein for every lean pound of your body weight. Vegetables, fruits, and vitamin supplements also complete your daily requirement of nutrients.

If you feel you don’t have the energy to bust through your gym routines, then you shouldn’t shirk at supplements that boost energy and mental focus. You can try nutritionwarehouse Jacked supplement for starters, and there are other supplements available in formulations which complement your workout goals and your health. The key to weight loss and lean muscle mass is variety and focus; you can’t afford to fall back on your progress and waste a month’s worth of effort and dieting.

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