Although the practice has been around for years, wire electrical discharge machining is a process that a large number of industries still rely on to complete their projects with ultimate efficiency and precision. A number of metals like titanium and steel can only be modified easily with the help of wire EDM. Wire EDM uses electrical charges to cut hard metals in highly accurate ways. An example of this need is for jewelry manufacturers who need to create intricate jewelry from titanium.

So exactly how does this method work and why is it important? To begin with, the only downside of wire EDM is that the process is limited to electrically conducive materials only. The actual procedure works by using an electric discharge that cuts through the hard metal with ease. The space found between the item to be cut and the electrically charged wire used to cut with generates high voltage electrical pulsations. The spark and the high-voltage, when combined together, vaporize an extremely small part of the metal piece that is being done. During this process of spark erosion, the electrical discharge will only target the particular metal being removed, leaving no burrs or ridges on the surface of the metal being cut. Dependant upon the caliber of the EDM machine used, the standards of surface finish will be to 8 micro inches.

Mold makers can create convoluted items from heavy metals with the EDM process. Metal stamping dye and injection mold companies require the wire EDM process for their own products. Wire EDM is also essential for jewelry manufacturing companies who need the service for intricate and precise jewelry designs. The aerospace industry relies on this process for intricate products that must be accurate.

Computer numerical control software (CNC) is needed to handle the automation of wire EDM machines. A machine operator can enter in the data needed on the computer associated with a specific EDM machine, and the software and machine will carry out the work. Previous to this technology, the user was required to direct the wire through the machine, and was responsible to verify that all of the measurements were absolutely perfect. CNC software takes away the element of human error and handles the cutting much more reliably with the calculations the machine operator enters. These technological advances help to make it possible for the EDM machine to put out a great deal more high-quality work efficiently and quickly, which is crucial to manufacturers because it helps drive down costs on labor and could contribute to the increase in revenue generation.

CNC software permits the machines to operate on their own without any further input from the machine operator. Once the data is typed in, the machine handles the rest of the work. This can conserve considerable time and money during the manufacturing process.

The speed that EDM machines can make highly-detailed materials is outstanding. Due to their high productivity and affordability, many manufacturing companies are using them to boost their production and their bottom line.

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