One of the lessons which I haven’t seem to have learned yet, because the scenario keeps repeating itself, is to do my best without expectation. Doing your best extends to anything and everything that you do.

I do not currently give the best in everything that I do, neither in the big things nor on the smaller scale. For example, I don’t always make my bed. I don’t always study hard, I perform my bare minimum at moments. I do not always make an effort to communicate in an effective manner with my team. I choose to just be my ‘difficult’ self. I choose to not do the best thing for my health and skip those walks and jogs. These are just some out of the many.

So, if you were like me, you would already know that you should always give your best in everything you do because of the first Law of Nature, Energy Returns Back to Source ( What you give will eventually come back. Every effort you make will be rewarded in a way, whether you expect it to happen or not. But knowing this is just the beginning.

The next step is awareness. Most of the time I am unaware that I am not giving my best. I go through my day, being oblivious to the fact that I am not contributing 100%, but as I get reminders from my awesome friends and mentor, I become more aware. Once, then twice and it keeps increasing.

After Awareness, comes Action. You actually take the effort to give your best in everything you do. No complaints, no excuses, just move your butt and give your “maximum effort”.

Now giving your best comes with a very common obstacle though. It stopped me from giving my best at times.
It is known as Expectations.

Expectations to get something in return for giving your best.

Expectations for others to do the same.

For example,

When you do well in your examinations, you expect to be praised. When you clean your home or office, you expect your ‘effort’ to be recognized. Sometimes, you might even get annoyed at your siblings for not taking the same amount of effort to do the chores or get angry at your team mates for not meeting deadlines.

The solution for this however is to not expect and just do SIEP (to find out more about SIEP and responding vs reacting, check out by searching SIEP in the blogs & media section).

If you don’t like the things you see, you just need to look at yourself and figure out which trait of yours resembles this the most. Now, doing SIEP is not easy, and it will also take time to develop it into a habit.

So my dear friends, I hope you too will join me in slowly adapting the habit of giving your best in everything and I wish you all the best!


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