I am Noris. I am the medium and live on planet Partoos. I am known to many of you for I have spoken to you once before. And it is a joy for me having been chosen by the Wise Council to reveal messages and tie connections today, in the here and now, from one planet to the other, from one being to the other.

Partoos carried out the ascension a while ago. It was a very gentle ascension into the adaptation phase. The inhabitants of Partoos are similar to the human beings in their structure and the way they work. We have observed your planet for quite a while with deep attention, and we see and feel the changes. Much is happening on your planet and from our view, as we are in the adaptation phase already, these energies that are shifting, raising and expanding themselves are the changes already. They move us very deeply for we have experienced this as well.

So much on your planet can be described with deepest love. It would be nice to be with you in order to feel this depth. Perhaps some of you may think that it was easier for us as we did not have doubt as you know it. From one point of view this may actually be correct, but your planet carries so many wonderful things, such as the connection with Jesus Christ, with God's Son.

Not only could many of you be with him, but you bear a part of Jesus in you. The Christ Energy, the energy of Jesus, God's Son, it expands across the entire planet. The service of love that you are doing in order to erect the merkabah of YOAH'TOH, all of that is energetic, so wonderful rituals that are only possible on planet Earth. We can feel and see how these changes show themselves on your planet, what they mean to you and how you feel. But we also see that there is a countermovement. We can empathize deeply with you and feel what this means. To feel the depth of the Christ, oneself, the sensitivity of all energies in the soul on the one hand, and at the same time the countermovements that multiply and try to bring you to your knees.

We on Partoos, we are living in the adaptation phase, we are at peace. We are happy about every gift, about every energy. We are still in the process of introducing many beings to the structures of the energetic patterns. We work with the special depth of the energy of grace. And the energy of grace is like an accelerator. Thus the Wise Council has decided that today I will invite you to travel to my planet with me for we have prepared something for you. But before the journey begins, go into the depth of your divinity and immerse yourself in the field of light of your energy. Feel how your aspects expand, feel the divine light and unify your chakras. You carry a personal group of angels that supports you. Ask them to choose the aspects that will go on the journey, just as is right and good for you. Speak your original name. If possible for you without putting yourself under pressure also call the energy of your dragon or unicorn.

My dear human being, when you are ready you will go on an energetic journey. It will take you to our planet Partoos. Many beings will receive you there. Thus let us carry your aspects to Partoos. You will feel, perhaps even see, that many beings have gathered to greet you. For some of you, such as the many galactic riders among you who visit us often, have spent numerous incarnations on Partoos. These beings have prepared something for you. With deep devotion they have knotted grids of grace for you. Let a being guide you to a grid of grace. He has erected this energetic grid, imbued with grace energy, for you with deep devotion. Noris now asks you, go into this grid of grace and relax completely. The deeper your intention to absorb this wonderful energy of grace is, the more intensively the energetic grid begins with the transmission. Here you have time to rest from all your efforts. Here you have time to let your wishes and your manifestations become imbued with grace. Enjoy this pure energy of grace.

Now leave the grid of grace and turn to the being that has accompanied you. Feel the deep unification. If you like you can let this being show you around a little now. Let it tell you what the adaptation phase has changed on Partoos and trust that the exact right being has turned to you and has prepared messages for you.

Noris brings your aspects back. The energy of grace pours into your entire system. While the energy of grace finds its way hear the words of Noris, for they are intended for you.

We also had countermovements on our planet. Let me tell you that the most important thing about it is that you are not afraid, that you feel the trust in your soul, that you know that Jesus Christ is in you and with you. The less energy you put into the current of the countermovement, the sooner will it vanish. Do not turn it into a fight. Do not let it influence you, but look into your soul and make your own decision for yourself, for your light and for what you are. Kryon says, these are the signs of the times. But do not let yourself be shaken by them. If you can make the decision and above all feel it, then meet these countermovements with love. For love is higher than everything else. We of planet Partoos, we are similar to you, and what is happening on Earth moves us deeply.

You will feel that this energy of grace that you have received works as accelerator of your wishes, your thoughts and feelings on the one hand. That it has a calming effect on your entire system. And thus I would like to tell you: Let the miracles in yourself happen.

It was an honor and joy for me to speak to you. In deep connectedness, friendship and love I say goodbye to you and invite you to visit us on Partoos whenever you wish. You can take some time off from the duality there. I say goodbye with the high sounds of

Author's Bio: 

Sabine Sangitar Wenig is a clairaudient medium who, after many years of preparation for her current task, has founded 'Kryonschool - Spiritual Course of Awakening'.
In addition to her regular work for Kryonschool she gives a public channeling in Rosenheim, Germany, once a month which is also published on the Kryonschool website.

You are welcome to visit the Kryonschool website and browse through the channelings, news and information.