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The Mayan Horoscope is based on the calendar Maya. It is a lunar calendar, which has 13 moons or signs instead of 12. The Mayans were great astronomers and mathematicians. Many experts say, in the timing, Maya is more accurate than the calendar; the Mayans were the synchronizer of galaxies.

The Maya lived in southern parts of Yucatan, parts of Honduras and Guatemala between III and XV centuries.

The horoscope Maya is represented by animals in their environment. Like many ancient cultures, the Mayans were animists, and soul powers were attributed to animals, objects or natural events.

The Mayans based on those animals not only describe the personality, but make predictions of the future with much success. The Mayans were skilled astronomers and mathematicians. Among his legacies is the Tzolkin, a calendar based on the movements of the moon. With four stages of 7 days, it gives us a 28-day moving moon (menstrual cycle as measured by the lunar cycle).

The total is 13 moons per year or 364 days, leaving a day called "Day Out of Time" or "Green Day." This "day out of time" is like a jump to a higher dimension, according to an annual Mayan galactic system, having their movement in a helical and non-circular.

The Mayan calendar is a galactic synchronizer and is eternal. Using the calendar Maya accompanies the flow of nature in its evolution. By respecting this flow of energy connected with the law, the least efforts derive good results. The Mayans were a precursor to use the moon's motion for crops and many other things of everyday.

The Maya horoscope based on the Mayan calendar brings us closer to a fourth dimension. If you want to know, which animal represents you in the Maya horoscope; it is based on your date of birth.

• Tzootz - Bats : Born July 26 to August 22

• Dzec-SCORPION : Born August 23 to September 19

• Keh - DEER : Born September 20 to October 17

• Moan - OWL : Born October 18 to November 14

• Kutz - PEACOCK : Born November 15 to December 12

• Kibray - LIZARD : Born December 13 to January 9

• Batzkmil - MONKEY : Born January 10 to February 6

• Coz - FALCON : Born Feb. 7 to March 6

• Balam - JAGUAR : Born March 7 to April 3

• Fex - FOX : Born April 4 to May 1

• Kan - SNAKE : Born May 2 to May 29

• Tzuba - SQUIRREL : Born May 30 to June 26

• Aak - TURTLE : Born June 27 to July 25

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