No doubt industry is the flesh and blood of many world class industrial nations. But on the same time it is causing serious threats to this blue planet. But why we are thinking all about industries, rather than saving our combined beautiful homeland, the earth.

According to a recent survey report it has been stated that annual carbon emanation is increasing on rapid level, which is damaging the frozen poles of our world. Contrary to this, world’s biggest glaciers of Himalaya are also on stake but still the civilized world is not responding to this serious matter.

It seems that green industry information should be provided to all stake holders of leading industries, as information is really unique right now, and only a few countries are well aware with green gas and global warming phenomenon.

Scientists are predicting that if this ratio continues with the same pace, then sooner the ice burgs of North Pole will melt down and turn into the deep blue Atlantic Ocean. Really, this situation is quite alarming. But still there are no preemptive measures have been taken to come over this serious issue.

When it’s all about industries and no one is willing to think about the betterment of ecology and environment friendly policies then definitely we will lose a lot of things like health, clean water to drink and clear air to breath. Really, our planet is on stake, and we are responsible for doing this. It’s proven that more we built new pollution free industries more we can save our natural habitat.

No doubt we are inviting different deceases and natural catastrophes by destroying the Ozone layer. There are different lethal gases which are waiting for us, behind this protective layer as we are providing excellent fuel for destruction in the shape of carbon and methane gases. These gases are playing a vital role in damaging the Ozone layer which is the most essential part of our mother planet earth.

No doubt, there are various industrial countries which are ready to share their unique industry information in this regard. No matter what happens, we have to sacrifice our luxurious lives to save our planet, as there is no road to success. The wining scenario can be possible if we wish to improve our ecological standards while running our industries. It’s a famous saying that it’s never to be late and we can do a lot if we intend to.

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