Our world is on stake. There are different concerns of common interest and which can be addressed easily. No doubt, majority of the world’s population belongs to different religions like Christianity, Buddhism, Islam and Judaism. Truly the teachings of these famous religions are quite same and based on peace and harmony, but unfortunately mankind is unable to follow the footsteps of messengers and saints.

Moreover religion is not the only thing which becomes the center point of any crusade but on the other hand culture differences are also making things worst. It’s proven that intercultural communication is the key to success as it can focus on both (religion and culture).

Different researchers have made it very clear that a lot of conflicts in the history were raised and ended in the name of great battles. All it happened because of religious and cultural differences.

The most visible disaster the mankind has ever seen was the 1947 partition of United India. No doubt, both Muslims and Hindus were living in India with peace and harmony before the partition occurred. No matter there was some incidents of clashes between Hindus and Muslims. Moreover when we talk about culture, it wasn’t so difficult to understand that both nations were quite close to each other.

But still Indians were enjoying the peaceful living. But the unfortunate event of partition and the biggest migration was the worst manmade disaster and all it happened due to misunderstandings and mistrust between two nations.

Similarly, the ongoing clash between Arab Palestinians and Israelis is another time bomb which can explode at any time. The main reason is the cultural and religious difference. The need of intercultural communication is the biggest need here.

Contrary to this there are different famous religious scholars who can spread the positive messages to the world, as there are millions of people who really care about such messages and respond precisely. Contrary to this culture is the essence of any civilization and the integral part of our daily lives. One cannot separate culture as it is deep rooted in humans.

Definitely it’s about culture when we talk about the cultural differences. We cannot forget the importance of its taboos and myths, as we are enchanted slaves of our traditions. No matter how much we are educated and modernized but still one cannot separate him from the culture and tradition. Sam in case with religion, as it’s very close to our souls and nature. Separating ourselves from both is almost impossible.

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