Really, it’s quite confusing to ask yourself as what makes any painting a unique work of art. There are certain requirements to assess the artistry of any art work. No doubt a lot of artist thinks that each stroke of their brush can bring out a master piece, which is quite strange and unacceptable. Contrary to this notion there are some skill full artists who can produce art work, whenever they try to blend different colors and try to satisfy themselves in art questions.

Defiantly, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and a viewer can assess any art work very easily. No matter, what the theme is, the viewers can give 10 out of 10 or may reject the art work.

On the other hand critical comments of art critics also counted in favor or against any painting or some other piece of art. Try to focus on the questions about art and find out the deliberate answers. Criticism can help a lot in assessing the professional strokes and the artistic state of mind of any artist but on the same time the acknowledgement can be given by the common public.

No doubt, the great work of art can be a trendy, stylish or unique combination of professional skills of an artist. Moreover, art can be a way to express the real emotions of the artist as well. On the other hand the absolute design and combination of gothic colors can make a piece of art a center of attraction for a crowd of thousands.

Its proven art is not money minting business, although it is a combination of feelings, ideas, memories and perceptions. On the other hand it should evoke the general mind of any art lover and change his perception or take him into a different trance where his own persona submerges with the uniqueness of the art work. Questions about art should provoke his mind to think deep.

Similarly, abstract form of art should make a sense at least otherwise it will become a futile exercise, as an art lover always expects some unique but interesting thing from an artist. Otherwise it’s not that hard to lose interest in the typical piece of art.

Really, good art always depict the exact depiction of artist’s mind and soul. On the same time art is not only focused to attract some specific class, in fact it is made for all classes and masses to take part and express their views and comments on the creativity of the artist. No doubt, a thought provoking, abstract piece of art is always appreciated in different segments of critics with their deviant art questions.

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