The modern world is all about industries. Definitely industry is doing a lot in providing employment to a large number of populations and supporting GDP growth of different countries. On the same time it helps a lot to overcome the expenses of any country by importing a lot of stuff.

No doubt there are some negative aspects of this industrial revolution across the world, as the ecological hazards are quite dangerous for mankind as well.

The positive impact of industry sector has made tremendous changes on the face of earth. There are various leading industries on the industrial horizon and their exclusivity is undeniable. The traditional conservative thinking of being an agrarian society is over now, as different nations are coming forward in the charming field of industry information, and sharing their interesting views about industry and related trends.

It’s quite surprising as those countries which were typically considered as agricultural counties, as Japan and China are now in the industry business. Similarly small countries like Vietnam, which were somehow famous for their strategic location is now connected with big names and industries. No doubt, various counties have acclaimed success and fame due to their rapid industrial growth.

Interestingly, industry also helps in protecting any country from foreign invasion or aggression, if the industry revolves around foreign investment like in Dubai and Pakistan. The direct and indirect investment becomes the root cause to stop any aggressor to stop immediately as it may become a serious threat for their investment. Furthermore international agencies who have good industry information, also actively participate to safeguard the state from any possible terrorist threat or any other internal element of restlessness which could derail the overall process.

There are 8 most competitive industrial countries which are alliance with each other in order to safeguard their similar interest with cooperation. The group of 8 is the combination of the most outstanding industrial nations which are flying high on the sky line of this industrial world. Moreover, the overall GDP of these countries is unbeatable. Furthermore their knowledge is all about industries, which is typically based on rapid growth and success of industrial mechanism.

As stated earlier, the ecological hazards are alarming but can be overcome by echo friendly policies and preemptive measure like installing industrial waste treatment plants and heavy plantation across industrial zones. But no one can deny that no doubt, industry is destroying our natural environment but it is the main source of bread and bettor for millions of humans as well.

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