If you are planning to pursue MBBS at affordable fees, then either study continuous for an Indian medical entrance exam or study MBBS in abroad destinations at low cost. Because studying MBBS for a private medical college is expensive, gives no surety of quality education, and does ensure getting a job in the top score hospitals in the country.

MBBS in abroad for Indian students at low course fees is not a myth. It has been found that if a student pursues MBBS from a private medical college in India, they will spend 70 lacs or more. Whereas, if student study medical course in foreign destination like China, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine and Philippines is much cheaper, when it comes to the quality of education and MBBS course fees will between or around 9 to 60 lacs.

MBBS in China for Indian students is one of the best inexpensive or reasonable study abroad destinations. China has 45 MCI approved medical colleges and universities which are categorized as grades from A+, B+, C+ to A, B, C respectively. It is advisable to pick A grade China medical university, although B category institutions offer MBBS in low cost. But, fee of A grade China medical university is lesser than medical colleges in India. Many medical degrees are taught in English. An MBBS degree offered in China is accepted worldwide and provides global exposure to the International students with amazing memories. All these benefits make China an attractive destination to pursue MBBS education.

Medical colleges in Russia for Indian students offers the most affordable MBBS programs. As studying MBBS in foreign countries is expensive, To study MBBS in Russia comes out to be a great option for Indian students. Low fees of MBBS course with quality education offered by medical colleges in Russia. Eligibility for MBBS in Russia for Indian students who have secured 50% in 12th with PCB. Therefore, taking MBBS admission in top MCI approved Russian medical colleges are simple because do not need to sit any entrance exam.

Medical education in Kyrgyzstan is a best option for those who want to take MBBS in foreign universities at low cost or affordable fees. Indian students can take direct admission in Kyrgyzstan MBBS colleges without any entrance exam. Aspirants who are looking for affordable MBBS fees with the top quality education system can pursue for MBBS in Kyrgyzstan at the cost of 12 to 18 lacs.

Affordable fees for MBBS course, top World class education system and low cost of living because of these reasons, To study MBBS in Ukraine makes a popular and inexpensive study abroad destination for medical aspirants. Ukraine holds medical universities that are Globally Recognized by WHO & MCI. No admission test or any entrance exam is required for pursuing MBBS from Ukraine’s medical universities.

MBBS college in Philippines is one of the most cost-effective destinations to study MBBS in abroad for Indian students at low MBBS cost. Pursuing MBBS from the Philippines will cost around 25 lacs, including all the costs of college fees, tuition fees, living and food expenses, visa charges, travelling expenses, etc., which is 75% less than pursuing MBBS from Indian private medical college. A maximum number of Indian graduates clearing the MCI Screening Test from Philippines.

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