It seems more every day, families are being pulled in any number of directions that minimize their time together. Add to that, the rushed lifestyles most people live and it’s no wonder sit-down mealtime is almost nonexistent in many families.

Millions of people are on the “window” diet. Simply put, you drive up to a window to order the family dinner. Convenient, cheap and fast. Or is it?

In reality, the short-term and long-term cost of the “window” diet is very high.


In the short-term, you may be missing out on quality time with your children. You also miss out on the opportunity a home cooked meal can offer to tap into your creativity.

Other benefits include saving money, healthier ingredients (you know what is going into your meal when you prepare it), you avoid food allergies and any sensitivities, you can eat according to what your body really needs and wants based on muscle testing, and batch cooking allows for time saving in the future.

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A quick look around and it’s not hard to see that we have become a very sick society. With nearly 75% of American men and more than 60% of women obese or overweight, the time to take control of your health is now.

This is not something you want to put into the “someday” or “tomorrow” to-do list. It’s something you must be aware of right here, right now.

Much of the reason weight is out of control is due to meals on the run. People feed themselves without giving much thought to what is happening to their body and/or health.

Additionally, many of the foods, that are not really foods but a bunch of chemicals and fillers, are getting us fatter by the day. The increase in weight has a direct correlation to the increase in diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and some cancers.

We cannot afford to wait to turn things around. With healthcare costs skyrocketing, the strain on the system is near catastrophic.

Dieting is NOT the Solution

Some people believe that a quick fix diet will solve their problem. This is not at all true.

The challenge with diets is that people see this as a quick fix. This is not a solution to long-term health. The solution to long-term health is to know exactly what “real” foods your body is asking for.

Another challenge is that many people are addicted to junk foods including fast foods. Food manufacturers have made it a big part of their business model to get you hooked on their tasty garbage.

Companies hire scientists to find ways of making their foods as physically addicting as possible according to an article from Matt Bennett.

Family Meals Are One Solution

Planning meals and family mealtime is likely one of the most important steps you can take to live in the solution. Not only will you have control over what you cook, you will create the opportunity for your family to spend quality time together.

The family meal was a normal daily ritual in homes for generations. Over the past few decades the picture of the family sitting around the table chatting and communing together over a home-cooked meal has lost its focus.

There were many benefits for mealtime. One of the main benefits was closer family ties. Yet, due to the day to day demands, it’s not a priority for many people.

It’s a real balancing act for children with busy schedules and even busier parents to gather around the table at the same time. Many families seem more like a circus act trying to juggle all the activities. It is a grab-some-grub-and-go scenario too much of the time.

Yet, the long-term benefits to this positive discipline will pay off for years to come.

Even if you start with one meal a week, it’s a move in the right direction.

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The bottom line is that what we eat, how we eat, and with whom we eat is crucial to our mind, body and spirit health.

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