Meaning of General Knowledge in today's world
General Knowledge as we all know is a pre-requisite to understand the events taking place around us. They give us a base of the current affairs occurring in our environment. They act as mediums to understand a world that was left behind, that we are living now and that the future might hold for us. These characteristics make "general knowledge” highly coveted. The more information a person has gained on general knowledge; the better is his/her understanding of the world. While current affairs merely inform us about the present conditions prevailing in the society, general knowledge gives us a more holistic view of the situation often referring to things outside it, and around it. In general terms, it provides us a common understanding of how things around us function. In today’s' time, it is very easy to gain general knowledge. Technology has helped us gain access to almost every bit of information all around the world. We have the internet ofcourse, the key answer to everything. Also, you can polish your skills with the help of general knowledge quizzes.
We all live in a world which is full of unpredictability. Every bit of information in any corner of the world that holds significance, affects us. All we need to do is, keep ourselves updated. General knowledge can help us keep updated and also give us a broader view to perceive life. You can understand things in a better manner if you know their past and present. General knowledge is a treasure that includes all kind of information, from the current state of India, to basic functioning of human body.
General knowledge also has a strong influence in the academic world. As you can see, even in schools, focus is being paid on educating the student with information lying outside the realms of a four walled classroom. Quizzes are being held for students to test their knowledge. This emphasis on GK in schools would build up the curiosity in the students and help them getting into the habit of staying updated and aware. Also, general knowledge questions are major pre-requisites in many top notch career fields.
Therefore, you should bear in mind that general knowledge not merely keeps you aware or updated, but it also enlarges your view towards life. It gives you a vivid picture of the kind of world you live in which directly affects your academics. This is the reason, major focus is laid on gk in many interviews, competitive exams etc.

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