Lately, I've started becoming slowly aware of how what I think, say and do aren't exactly aligned. What I mean here is that sometimes I say or do things that are contradicting to what I actually think.

One of these scenarios would be at my school. See, due to the haze, schools were closed, but since the weather got better after the first day off, my school gave us the option to either stay at home or attend school on the second day. On the third day everything would go back to normal.

Now, the night before, even though I was reluctant to go to school, I also felt quite excited. But alas, when I saw and heard my friends grumbling the next day, and how little people actually turned up at school, I too started grumbling and saying I wished I wasn't at school at all, although that was contradicting to what I actually thought and felt. My thoughts, words and actions weren't aligned, so I wasn't TRUTHFUL!

So why do our thoughts, words and actions need to be aligned anyway? What's wrong with not saying what you actually feel?

Well, you start to lose yourself as you become less truthful, as your thoughts, words and actions become less aligned. Without speaking what you actually think, you just put more and more masks on (, slowly losing yourself in the web of lies that you have created. It may be the simple stuff at first, like if somebody asks you what you think of their outfit. You may think it's hideous, but decide to tell him/her that it looks nice. Now, that may seem like nothing, like it is no big deal. But it is!

You aren't being truthful! It may start of as something simple, but not being truthful starts becoming a habit pattern. Like lies, it slowly grows, resulting in you never feeling free enough to give your opinion as you feel people won't accept it.

Now, this mindset isn't true either. Being truthful takes a while to get used to and I admit, the beginning can be really difficult, people may react to the truth differently. But it is worth it. Even though you've probably heard this phrase a thousand times, the truth really does set you free. You won't need to keep track of what you say as the truth does not change and always remains the same.

You may not believe me, but people can actually sense when you aren't telling the truth. Giving your truthful opinions not only helps others but it also helps you out. With the truth, you slowly discover more and more about yourself. (

Personally, having truthful thoughts, words and actions all the time can be a bit tricky at first. One of the things you can do, is when you are aware you're thoughts are not truthfully aligned with your words and actions, correct yourself.

There are times when I find what my friend says annoying but I don't tell her. It took me a couple of days to build up the courage to go and tell her what I truthfully felt, but I suppose it's better to start somewhere. Better late than never, right?

Trust me, being truthful has its perks and reasons to do so, even though it may not seem so at the beginning. So use your willpower and start having truthful thoughts, words and actions today! Start now!

- Heerraa

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