Credit Cards are essential items that you should never lose. A stolen credit card has a high possibility of getting you in troubles. Credit cards with high credit limits make leave you bankrupt at someone else’s hands. It is mandatory that you understand what needs to be done if you lose your card. The first step is to act quickly.
Reporting Your Lost or Stolen Credit Card
As soon as you realize that your credit card is missing, notify the card issuer about the missing card. The card issuer number can be found on the back side of your card. Since it is not an option, check your credit card statement for their number. Some card companies have online portals where you can register your complaint. Merchant Processing Solutions ensures that our customers are periodically reminded of the importance of safeguarding their credit cards.
Ensure that you have the following information ready before making the call.
• Your account number
• The Date the card went missing
• Amount & date of last purchase.
Once you have made the call, drop in a written complaint mentioning the above details to the creditor. This is proof that you have reported the company of your missing card.
Dealing With Unauthorized Charges
According to the Fair Credit Billing Act, if any credit card processing is made using your credit card before you report the creditor the missing, you are liable to pay only 50 dollars. If the transaction happens after you register your complaint, then you are not liable for any payments. So it is very important to notify your card company about the missing card. Make sure to keep a constant check on your billing even after your missing card is located and report immediately if any fraudulent transactions occur.

Preventing Future Loss
Make sure you follow the following to prevent the future loss of your credit cards.
• Be aware of your credit card location.
• Carry your credit card in your wallet or purse.
• Place your cards properly in the purse.
• Always make sure your wallet or the purse that has your credit card near you.
• Write down the credit card number and card companies number to use them during the time of emergency.
Merchant Processing strives to provide safe and secure transaction services for our customers.

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