Nothing succeeds like success!! Nothing is more satisfying than learning a foreign language like Japanese. But learners have to accept the fact that it’s not a matter of fortnight or month because there are many intricacies involved.

Learning a new language like Japanese is a rather lengthy & tricky process whether someone chooses to study himself or pursue a Japanese Language Course in Kolkata. It’s not something one does for a while, and then they’re done. It’s a continuous process. It’s vital to gauge how much they’ve learned from time to time. Tracking the progress is vital to know how far the learners have come. When someone finds that there has been less progress, it’s time to analyze what went wrong. That’s a natural thing and there’s nothing wrong or bad in it. She/he knows it’s time for a change. in fact, that’s the approach should be.

If the measurements tell a learner she/he is not progressing anymore, she/he knows it’s time to make improvements or step up the gas. Some measuring methods even facilitate learners to know what language skills deserve more of their attention, particularly in which areas they’re weak or struggling with. The more accurately they measure, the more they come to understand what’s effective and what’s not.

It also tells them what to do next or perhaps the reason for failure. It can be due to adopting a wrong approach of study or choosing inappropriate learning materials & resources or it’s time to find out the loopholes & fill out the gaps in learning.

Strategies to gauge the progress while learning Japanese
There are plenty of strategies & tactics learners can use when analyzing the progress they’ve made. Some of the effective & proven ones are elucidated below.

• Re-reading books or short stories is the best strategy to measure progress. This is easy but effective at the same time. The first step is reading a book or short story and marking what they’ve understood. Then leaving the story alone for a few weeks and re-reading it would help learners know how much Japanese they’ve learned. The method will give them indications that they’re on the right path.
• Monitoring time devoted to learning the language is another powerful strategy. It not only help learners think again on their stance but also keeps them responsible for the time they spend learning new words, phrases & grammatical points.
• Hearing music or video content is a tried & tested formula. Then leaving it alone for a few weeks and then coming back to it and seeing if they understand significantly more than the last time they listened to this.
• Getting valuable feedback from trainers if they go for a Japanese Language Course in Kolkata is the best way to track their progress. The feedback is given based on the trainees' public speaking prowess or fluent conversation skills in the Japanese language, scores in quizzes, writing skills, and other practical activities.
• To sum up, measuring learning progress presents many benefits to Japanese language learners and boosts the chances of gaining fluency in the language. Hopefully, the article will help learners assess their progress in the Japanese language from time to time & stay motivated.

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