A refined tool developed with state of the art technology to help you cook your favorite meat dishes with fine temperature control and no hiccups. Wider range connectivity via Bluetooth and wife up to 50 m, so as you do not have to stick at a place while cooking and do other chores meanwhile. Cooking guide and temperature setup help you to step by step cooking with the perfect temperature to cook your dishes perfectly and delicious without any worries, you don't have to worry for the regular temperature checks and getting worried for the ruined dish. Elegant and superb material used to create it to match it with the environment anywhere you are like Kitchen or Outdoor decor. Charging is seamless as it can be continuously used up to 24 Hrs with a single battery or you can charge while you do you're cooking via Micro USB charging port, so be worry-free of charging you're TOOL and bring it anywhere. Best dimension for the easy fitting and carrying without occupying any extra space.

What it is:MEATER + Thermometer?

Have you ever heard the saying "a watched ham never cooks"? Neither have we, yet on account of our own experience trying and neglecting to stand by quietly for the adored occasion ham to be prepared for utilization, we can validate that it's true. It very well may be hard for us normal cooks to tell when meat has cooked entirely through—however fortunately, the MEATERS + Thermometer is here to help.

Here you know about Meater Block Thermometer.
The MEATER Square consolidates four (4) MEATER+'s into a solitary gadget that stores, charges, and screens each test however can likewise goes about as an independent, separated remote thermometer and cooking collaborator.


  • l Wider Connectivity Range: Wifi and Bluetooth range extended up to 50 m.
  • l Temperature Control: Varying from internal temperature 100º C (Meat) to ambient temperature 275º C (Cooker)
  • l Cooking Guide: Help to manage your cooking hassle-free.
  • l Superb material used for the design for an elegant look with matching wood textures in or out of the Kitchen
  • l Handy dimension for the easy carrying and portability without taking any extra space and saving you the energy to enjoy you're cooking


  • Combine construction of ceramic and stainless steel
  • Easy clean with water resistance
  • Bluetooth connection version 4.0
  • Maximum Internal Temperature: 100º C (MEAT)
  • Maximum Ambient Temperature: 275º C (Cooking)
  • Dimension: 130 mm Length 6 mm Diameter
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Rechargeable battery for continuous use over 24 hrs
  • For easy identification, it has been numbered

Charging Specifications:

  • Charging and storing MEATER probe with 1 AAA battery
  • Led light for battery and connectivity notifications
  • Magnetic backing to easy stick
  • Aesthetic wooden design to match with the environment
  • Dimension: 157 mm L x 37 mm W x 28 mm H
  • Micro USB alternate charging while cooking
  • Cook without app using OLED display
  • with touch-capacitive control

App Requirement:

  • Android: Version 5.0 or later
  • IOS: Version 10.3 or later
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