Covering your face with either a surgical face mask or KN95 face mask is a new practice, imposed upon mankind in order to stay safe from pandemic. Last year was a nightmare for everyone. It brought the whole world trickled down to the most adverse situation. From gigantic infrastructures to governments to small private businesses to education systems around the world, everything got crashed. One invisible virus has drawn the whole world on its knees.

Following SOPs was the only solution

The virus was new and no one knew nothing about it, there was no literature or knowledge present regarding it, hence the only solution left was to protect yourself by following SOPs, which are maintaining social distance firstly and covering faces with either a surgical face mask or a KN95 face mask, and making sure that you stay sanitized and wash your hands every half an hour or so. Due to these SOPs the world, remained safe somehow. But this has increased the demand of surgical face mask in the market.

A three layered surgical face mask is better

The increase in need of surgical face mask influenced many investors to manufacture surgical face mask and make them available in the market as soon as possible, with this practice, the increased demands were met and everyone was able to cover their faces with surgical face mask. But the alarming thing is that, these surgical face mask are made of two layers only. The two layers of spun bond fabric. Spun bond is the fabric used in all of the surgical face masks, this is a light weigh fabric, which doesn’t provide you with full protection. A three layered mask is always a better one.

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The third layer does all the work

Well to understand why a three layered surgical face mask is better one, we need to understand the process through which it is manufactured. A three layered face mask is also made of two layers of spun bond fabric, but apart from that it has a third layer of melt blown fabric, which acts as a filtration layer, sandwiched in between these two spun bond layers. This melt blown layer does all the work. You can imagine yourself that if this filtration layer is absent in a surgical face mask then, how much safety that could provide you with. In the times of pandemic it would not be a good idea to risk on yours and your loved ones safety.

The five layered KN95 face mask

Medbarrier promises to provide you with surgical face mask which are three layered and are manufactured in hygienic environment. It manufactures five layered KN95 face mask, which are most likely to be used by doctors and care givers in sensitive places like hospitals and other crowded areas, which are easy infection spreading spots.

Exclusive face masks for kids

Medbarrier delivers what it promises, and that is safety for everyone. It also has an exclusive range of surgical face mask for kids, which is a great relief for all parents, as now, they don’t have to twirl the ear loops and forcefully adjust on the little noses of their kids, and then keep worrying about their safety for the whole day after sending them to the school. You can also get these face masks online by visiting their website, Facebook or Instagram handle.

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