Meddling Mother In Law: Overbearing Mother In Law

Getting married to the one you love does not necessarily mean you'll be dealing with him or her solely. Remember the saying "marry me, marry my family?" In some cases when you're marrying a person who's very close to his or her family, you will have to learn to deal well with the other family members.

Having a lot of patience as well as a courteous, kind and friendly attitude will help you greatly in maintaining a good relationship with your in-laws moving forward. And although you have your moods, it's best to be consistent in your friendly nature. You have to at least take the effort to establish a friendly relationship with them if you want to maintain a sound marriage with your spouse.

Do understand that sometimes, there are people who measure their love for their spouses based on how you're dealing with their family members such as their parents and siblings. If you feel this is the case with your spouse, then you will need to do your part in maintaining a friendly relationship with your in-laws.

In the event there is one parent or sibling that depends often on your spouse and somehow makes life difficult for your family, marriage counselors suggest talking this out with your partner. You need to establish a boundary as to the extent you and your spouse are going to help your respective families particularly when it concerns finances.

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You may have been contributing to the household bills when you were still single or helping your parents out but you can decide to stop this or contribute less when you get married. It's very important to open this up beforehand to your spouse to avoid future conflicts.

Also if you're having issues with an in-law, it's ideal to tell your partner right away. Tell your spouse that it's not your intention to hurt his or her feelings and that you're doing your best to be a good in-law as well. It's not about washing your hands to create a clean image to your partner. But when an in-law becomes difficult to deal with and is already interfering in your marriage, your spouse needs to take action to settle the issue.

Marriage therapists point out that honesty is vital in marriage. When you and your partner are honest about your feelings, thoughts and the things you do, it would be easy to understand each other. Keeping some things from your other half only breeds doubt and can negatively affect the trust you have for each other.

Open communication is always crucial in keeping your marriage intact. Talking things out in a cool and honest manner is most important in settling your issues and preventing conflicts.

Apart from the communication aspect, you need much patience and an attitude of humility. If you're able to develop these traits and maintain them moving forward, you have a good chance of living in peace and harmony not only with your beloved spouse and children but as well as with your in-laws.

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Do you often feel smothered in your marriage? Do you feel that your spouse is always watching what you are doing? Does your spouse nag, complain and demand things of you and it's getting out of hand? Then this article is for you. It is not usually just one issue that leads up to divorce, separation, or feelings of resentment towards one another. It is usually many issues between couples that cause marital break down.

Give Each Other Room To Breathe: Stop Blaming Each Other

When marriage starts to sour, couples often blame each other for the disarray of the relationship. They tend to look at each other's faults and play the blame game with those faults. And this blame game is the cause of the marriage going down hill fast! Most marital issues occur because one or both parties are behaving selfishly and disrespectful of each other feelings or actions.

If couples would stop trying to dissect each other and really think about their own actions and behavior they would see that it does take two to tango and they are tangoing almost every day! I think it is human nature to blame others for our failures but it is the cowardly way to lead our life. Divorce is cowardly as well. Why don't you just act like responsible adults and take responsibility for what you started?

If one spouse would take part for their behavior in the relationship it would encourage the other spouse to take responsibility for their part in the relationship. When you nag and complain about what a bad job your spouse is doing at this and that, or when you demand that they do this or that, you are essentially acting like their mother or father instead of their lover. This can be very discouraging.

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Give Each Other More Room To Breathe: Leave Each Other Alone!

When I say leave each other alone I mean in a negative way. Stop trying to tell your spouse what they need or don't need. Let them be. I truly believe that when couples stop looking at what the other spouse is doing or not doing and start paying attention to what they are doing, marriage would be so much better. I sometimes liken marriage to be like two school kids in the playground bullying one another.

We spend too much time wanting to tell our husband or wife what they need to do. Why do we want to define their needs but don't even know what our own needs are? It is because we are overwhelmed and confused about how bad our marriage is. We simply do not know how to fix it other than complain about our spouses lack in the marriage.

This constant focus on our spouse keeps us from helping ourselves and being productive for the marriage. What is important for you in your marriage? Define your own needs and wants and make those happen. Do you want to be happier? Make that a priority in your marriage by fulfilling your happiness through hobbies, friends, spiritual activities; whatever it is you feel will bring you happiness. Don't make the mistake of thinking your spouse is supposed to fulfill your every need. This error in judgment causes lots of undue stress and contention between couples.

Yes, couples need to encourage one another and be respectful and considerate of each other's feelings, but they cannot bring happiness into another person's life-it's just not possible. Happiness is something that comes from being fulfilled from within on a spiritual level. No one can share your personal relationship with your Creator-that is something between you and Him. But you can share who you are, your growth through God, with your spouse.

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Give Each Other Even More Room To Breathe: Be Respectful

Respect is a very big issue in marriage. The minute they wake up couples begin disrespecting one another. Instead of saying something encouraging and nice they are bringing each other down. This is why couples often look outside the marriage for positive reinforcement of self-they aren't getting any praise and appreciation at home, so they glean it from wherever it is possible. The grass often seems greener across the fence, but it never really is in the end. It is the same thing wherever you look. Don't become deceived and totally ruin your marriage over an infidelity.

There are many circumstances that reap negative issues in marriage that create division with couples. From finances to health issues, but in a marriage where couples respect each other all issues can eventually be worked out. Why are couples not respecting each other? Because they don't understand what being respectful is? They are not focused on respecting each other because they are feeling resentful, confused and overwhelmed about the disarray of their marriage. They're blaming the blame game!

You can't understand respect when you don't understand what your part in the marriage is? Each spouse has a role in the marriage to uphold. Each spouse has responsibilities that need to be adhered to. When these roles and responsibilities are not taken care of couples begin to feel as if they are running the marriage relationship by themselves.

Couples aren't respecting each other because they don't understand what it is they are supposed to be respecting? "Uh, I'm supposed to respect a wife who grumbles and complains about cooking dinner every night?" "Oh you mean I am supposed to respect a man who comes home and flops himself down in front of the TV every night?"

Do you see how the focus is on faults rather than encouraging the person in their responsibilities? Sadly this is why couples play the blame game and why they focus so much on what the other is doing rather than on what they should be doing. It is a vicious cycle that will continue to repeat itself over and over again until something changes in the relationship. How about appreciating and respecting each other for a change. Will that work?

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Marriage is not a bond between two persons but between two families and two cultures. When two completely different persons of different mentality and from different backgrounds start living together, it's inevitable to have clashes, strifes and discords. Some are able to cope up with the twists and turns of marriage life easily, some aren't. Things could go up to bitter extent of separation, divorce or indifference of other's existence. Read more about it below:

The problems generally married people come across are difference of opinions, lost intimacy, having children or not, rearing of children, pending bills, working or behavior pattern of other spouse. These conflicts happen with every married or to be married couples. Counseling help in saving marriages due to which couples stay together forever and understand each other better. If two persons know that their love interest in each other is still there but lost amidst some problems of life, counseling is the best way to revive it.

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Marriage family counseling is done by a trained psychotherapist with minimum two years of in-clinic experience and adept in dealing the emotional and ego problems of couples with a family centric focus. It could be telephonically, online or in person. It needs a serious dedication of time and patience from both sides. It's an extensive training to resolve personal conflicts. Marriage counseling is expensive than other relationship peacemaking procedures but as long as it's redeeming the love life of a married couple, it's worth an investment of time, money and trust.

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