Low cost reports have become a very popular way to not only get information to one's market, but to also generate handsome revenues. But where can you find great ideas for your report topics?

The answer is a close as your doorstep, television and computer. There is so much information available reported daily in the news. For example, when there was a lot going on with mortgage rates, foreclosures and refinancing, this would have been a prime time for someone in the mortgage or real estate industry to produce reports.

Possible titles:

• Buying your first home in a downturn economy
• How to refinance your home and save thousands on closing costs
• Ten ways to save your home from being foreclosed

Any one of these topics could be turned into a short report, very content filled that could sell for under $10. If enough of the right people (your market with the need and desire for this information) know about the report, you will sell it.

Here is yet another example of paying attention to what is in the news. In the state of Oregon there was a huge rescue of abused horses. Hundreds of horses were taken into safe care.

Horse people are very loyal to the cause of proper care of horses regardless if they know the horse or not. And many who are in a position to take in a rescue will do so. However, an abused rescue horse has special needs. Things such as handling, vet care, feeding, exercise, etc.

Here are some reports that could be developed with the money for the report going to the care and feeding of the horses or to a rescue organization.

• What you need to know before you adopt a rescue horse
• The care and feeding of your new rescue horse
• Gaining the trust and love from your rescue horse

I can assure you, horse lovers would be happy to pay $10 for a report that covers any of these areas. Especially if the money goes to a rescue association.

The possibilities are endless. Your job is to pay attention to what's going on by bringing timely and valuable information to your readers.

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