With skyrocketing legal costs and rising number of cases in courts, mediator services are becoming one of the hottest-selling in the legal profession. Instead of turning to solicitors or lawyers, feuding parties contact mediators (also referred to as arbitrators or conciliators) to save on legal fees and avoid the hassles of court procedures. If you’ve always been fascinated about legal careers but lawyering isn’t an option for you, a conflict resolution course may be the one you’re looking for.

Alternative dispute resolution isn’t only for lawyers and retired judges. Individuals from various backgrounds have gained entry in this field and found success. In fact, many countries such as Australia and the U.S. no formal certification or licensing process so mediators can be anyone with superb communication and negotiating skills. However, it is highly recommended that you take at least a mediation course from a reputable course provider. The course can prepare you for the gruelling tasks ahead.

Mediation may be an exciting and rewarding career but it is not without demands. Disputing parties are expecting a lot from mediators as most of the time, both parties shoulder mediator fees. Hence, you have two clients anticipating positive results – and to think they are against each other. As you can see, it won’t be a walk in the park so you need all the training you can get. While a background in law or social science is helpful, having the right personality can overshadow this anytime.

As a mediator, you should have the skills and personality that can stand conflicts of any scale via conflict resolution course. As mentioned, you should be able to communicate effectively, a master negotiator and very good at keeping things private. Additionally, you should be very objective, honest, patient and unbiased. You will easily lose clients once you begin to take sides especially when this isn’t supported with facts. You should also be able to maintain your composure and confidence at all times. You can’t be more frantic than your clients.

Sound judgment is another quality that mediators should possess. You can’t stay safe all the time; can you King Solomon? Although this career demands so much, it is one that promises you won’t have a boring day in your career span. Employment opportunities are plenty too. Local government, legal firms, academic institutions, private businesses and mediation services providers welcome people who completed mediation training. Employed individuals may also find mediation skills useful in their profession.

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