Medical massage is a specialized branch of our profession. I am interviewing various branch representatives to show the array of potential directions we have as therapists.

What is your background?

I am a medical massage practitioner. I graduated from The National Massage Therapy Institute in Falls Church, Virginia in 2008. I opened my practice Blue Lotus Massage & Wellness in Silver Spring, Maryland right after graduating. I enrolled in a medical massage program at LMT Success Group in May of 2014. From there the efficacy of my massage practice changed. I learned skills I have never used before such as myofascial release, neuromuscular therapy, and advanced trigger point therapy. The quality of my massages changed. I was now working with clients and seeing immediate results. Also my senses were heightened as I learned to view and work with tissue various ways. I have also traveled internationally to learn orthopedic massage therapy with James Waslaski, a world renowned instructor for orthopedic, sports, and pain management. I love learning new skills and expanding my horizons. My most recent accomplishment is my certification in reflexology. I also opened another practice inside Holistic Wellness & Acupuncture in Columbia, Maryland.

What got you interested in your particular brand of work?

I became interested in medical massage therapy because before I was a massage therapist, I worked as a radiology technologist. My job was working in the OR and ER. When I graduated massage school I was primarily massaging clients for stress and minor pain. I missed working with clinical patients. I read an article in Massage magazine about medical massage training so I googled local training and I came across LMT Success Group. It was the best thing I ever did. I feel that I am having more of an effective result-oriented outcome with my clients, this includes clients that see me for stress and minor pain.

How did you find out about this branch of our work and how did you train for it?

I read an article about medical massage therapy in Massage magazine and how rewarding it can be. This seemed to be the perfect fit for me because I missed working with clinical patients. So I enrolled at LMT Success Group. They have a Medical Massage Therapy Certification Program. LMT Success Group has developed programs all over the country. Even courses aboard cruise ships leading to the Caribbean land other international destinations.

How is medical massage different from normal massage?

I think medical massage is an outcome-based massage; your specific treatment is geared towards a result. In therapeutic massage tissue is manipulated to relieve tired, tight, or overworked muscles.

Why do you think this branch of training holds promise for our profession?

I think medical massage holds promise because people like to see results for pain relief without the use of prescription drugs.

What kinds of success have you experienced in your practice since this training?

Since becoming medical massage practitioner I have more clients than I had before and more return for other services that I offer such as Thai Yoga and Stone Massage.

Can you say a word or two about working with clients through your medical massage work?

Besides being a massage therapist I am also a fervent yogi. I have been a yogi for almost 17 years. I practice yoga daily to care for my mind and body. I practice Zen massage with each session. I meditate during massage sessions, it keeps my mind focused and my senses heightened while working with muscle tissue. I bring this practice in both my therapeutic and medical massage sessions and the outcomes have been immediate: pain relief, improved flexibility, some even seem taller than when they first arrived. I feel as though I have a true gift for massage therapy and I bring into it some of my learned and valued eastern practices which probably sets me apart from most practitioners.

How can others who are interested in this type of training get more information?

Here are a couple of my favorite websites

What kind of common precautions do you use in your practice?

I have new clients arrive 15 mins before their appointment to fill out an intake form then I review it with them. I also take SOAP notes on each client every session so I know how they are progressing from one session to another. For medical massage clients I need a prescription from a doctor permitting massage therapy if under direct medical care. I have a referral form for the physician to fill out and submit back to me. Also if you accept insurance make sure you verify with your client’s provider that massage therapy is covered before you treat them.

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Author's Bio: 

Linda Mac Dougall has an M.A. in Psychology and has spent many years working with the developmentally disabled as direct care to an administrator of two large group homes. She was a federal advocate for the state of Hawaii’s DD population before training in holistic health and massage, and specializing in seniors and the disabled.
More recently she has begun 'Love Your Longevity', a speaking adventure addressing baby boomers and their children on healthy aging. Soon there will also be a subscription website to compliment this venture. In the meantime