The cases of medical malpractice are piling up in the society which is alarming policymakers, government officials, and the general public. Poor healthcare facilities, insufficient legislative capacity, and duty negligence of doctors and pharmaceutical companies are increasing such cases.

Unlike the past, the cases of lawsuits against these practices are also increasing now.

People claim medical negligence compensation for two basic reasons:

● To get compensation for the harms
● To get justice for the damages

Whatever is the case, these claims are like a hope of ray in society. Hope for change, hope for betterment, hope for a safer future and hope for an increase in the value of human life.

Here are the possible reasons which have triggered the society to file lawsuits against medical malpractice. We should promote these factors so that medical malpractice can be deemed more accountable in society and justice can be served to the affected individuals.

Increase in Awareness:

The surfacing of medical malpractice cases on media has not only alarmed the policymakers but has also increased public awareness in this matter.

People have become aware of their rights and ways to claim the damages. They understand the significance of voicing the faced injustice for themselves and society.
Now people tend to claim compensation in case of any medical negligence. Recently, dolmanlaw handled many lawsuits by people whose family members ended up suffering from a heart attack or stroke due to the usage of Uloric to treat gout.

This is a sign of change, and we need to promote it!

More Platforms to Voice Injustice:

With the rise of social media and the internet, now people have more platforms to voice cases of injustice. Many studies have proven the role of social media in bringing social change – the same is with this case.
Those who don’t have access to traditional media use social media to voice the faced mistreatment which encourages other people as well to step forward to claim justice for their damages as well.

That is why more people are now coming forward to voice their cases of societal injustice – including medical malpractice.

More Value of Claim:

Increase in medical bills, prices of medicines and other medical expenditures are the cause of the increase in the value of compensation claims.

People who become physically handicapped or dependent on medicine for a long time tend to go for medical malpractice claims so that they can get treatment or medical aid without any financial issue.

Developments in Legislation:

The shift in the legislation from doctor-centric approach to patient-centered focus has played an important role in motivating people to go ahead for filing lawsuits for damages. Why? Because there are more chances of winning lawsuits now.

Law is supporting such claims!

People have become less fearful of having a faceoff with doctors and hospitals involved in malpractice. And we need this fearless attitude in the society!

If you have faced any kind of medical malpractice and injustice, then don’t sit quietly. Come forward, voice your injustice and if required, fearlessly file a lawsuit.

This has to be changed – be a change agent!

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