Antenatal factors and difficulties before, during and immediately after birth, which include genetic problems, malformations of the brain and maternal infections, are responsible for about 90 percent of those affected by cerebral palsy (CP). Brain hemorrhage, meningitis, encephalitis, head injury causing a bleeding brain, hydrocephalus or kernicterus are responsible for most of the remaining ten percent of cases. Most cases of CP are naturally occurring events however in the region of 10% of cases are due to clinical error. Medical negligence solicitors investigate these incidents after detailed consideration of medical records. If the medical negligence solicitor suspects malpractice then an opinion is sought from a specialist medical consultant which may form the basis for legal action for a compensation claim

Ruptured Blood Vessels

Babies that are born prematurely usually face several threats to life in their early days because certain parts of the body have not developed sufficiently enough to function properly outside the womb. One of the most common risks is that the immature blood vessels which are very fragile in premature babies will rupture and result in a bleeding brain and that the resulting damage to the tissues will cause cerebral palsy. Brain hemorrhage is caused by vulnerable premature babies because they are not able to regulate blood flow and just small changes in blood pressure may cause a blood vessel to rupture.

Premature Birth Prevention

The most efficient strategy to avoid these problems is to prevent premature infant delivery and thereby decrease the risk. The longer the infant is safely kept in the womb, the more likely that injury can be avoided. For those children who are born prematurely, medical advances in neonatal intensive care techniques and technologies have helped reduce the risk of further injury in recent years. There are also a handful of drugs that may reduce the risk of a bleed. If a bleed does occur there is little that medical practitioners can do to prevent a brain hemorrhage. Cerebral palsy may result in some cases if the tissue is damaged either by the bleeding brain or by the increase in pressure within the brain caused by the brain hemorrhage. Cerebral Palsy may be avoided if diagnosis and treatment take place as soon as possible after the bleed.

Negligent Clinical Errors

Medical professionals do occasionally make mistakes in the care and management of this problem. They may fail to detect hemorrhage or may fail to detect it early enough to treat it or to reduce its effects which can be fatal. If the doctor fails to provide an accurate diagnosis due to medical negligence or treats the problem inadequately, then parents of the victim are fully entitled to instruct medical negligence solicitors to make a compensation claim on behalf of their child for any damage caused.

Medical Negligence Solicitors

This area of law is complex and its important that you seek legal advice from a medical negligence solicitor who has proven expertise. A medical negligence solicitors aim is to get the maximum compensation possible for children who have been injured as a result of clinical error. An expert medical negligence solicitor will progress your claim with care and compassion throughout the whole process. If you require free legal advice just contact experienced solicitors who will be available to discuss your case. If after talking to a medical negligence solicitor, you decide to proceed no further then you are under no obligation and you will not normally be charged for initial advice.

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