eClinic is a customizable medical practice management system. It is inclusive of Patient Care Management, Schedule Online Appointments, Mobile App, Portals, Secure Messaging, Insurance, eBilling, HR/Payroll, HL7/Integrated Pacs, and Accounting. The eClinic software is available through On-Premise or Cloud installations.

Application of eClinic

Since it is a comprehensive practice management system, it is best for individual medical practitioners, third-party companies that cover, medical bills and medical clinics. Being customizable its alert system sends the message as a text or email, which overall increases care patients receive.

Other systems

EHR (Electronic Health Records) permits electronic allotment of patient records. The sharing can be with medical applications or providers. EHR overall manages the patients' health by allowing them to see their history and results for example lab results. Also, they get to have secure communications with providers where they can schedule their next appointment.
EMR (Electrical Medical Care) system plays a vital role in creating awareness concerning patient records, revenue stream, and other crucial metrics.

eClinic System Components

eClinic management system enables the users to feed information, track patients, set schedules and follow on the appointments, dispatch insurance claims as well as patient statements, process insurance, patient payments and payments for third parties, and finally produce official reports.

Our systems further entail being up to date on large data sets such as procedures, diagnosis, itemize insurance companies, referring other professionals such as physicians facilities just to mention a few.

Patient registration

eClinic offers crucial information for our patient information chart. This information marks the beginning of demographics capture. It includes the patient's name, physical address, contact details, date of birth, employer and the patients' insurance information.
When a new patient arrives at the clinic, he or she is required to fill a patient information chart. After filling this form the system beings to capture the patient demographics. The clinic practice staff then feed the information to the software, which automatically verifies whether the patient is eligible to receive benefits that their insurance company offers through an ordinary electronic data exchange connection.


This system makes it easy to schedule appointments for all services such as laboratory or radiology. eClinic has a calendar component where the staff can create an appointment and later track the patient's visit. For simple identification of patients or blocks of time, the schedules have color codes. Our systems then enable you to enjoy fast and applicable patient scheduling, making the appointments online or offline, the ability of the staff or patient to check the status of their meeting and receiving of scheduling updates.

Outpatient Management

This module does manage every detail that pertains to outpatient services. The patients get to enjoy smooth billing or collections, organized facility services such as MRI, X-Rays and so much more. It also manages invoices, due and advanced payments; effortless generation of reports when needed, and sends patient notification that may be about payments or subsequent vaccine dose.

Laboratory Management

Our practice management system is of use to the pathology lab where it records and disseminates information of the tests. There is an integration of our system and the lab machine. It then efficiently manages the medical examinations of a patient, exam reports and laboratory activities. eClinic further produces billing for inpatient and outpatient services. The lab reports are accessible through the patient portal which enables a complete paperless solution. Also, the patient receives a notification through an SMS or email as soon as the results are available.

Radiology Management

Immediately after booking a radiology test at the reception, there is an automatic generation of the booking to the radiology section. Therefore, our practice management system enables centralizing of the reporting tool for radiology services such as CT Scans, MRI, X-ray and other services. eClinic is wholly compatible with any radiological technologies. Also, it offers intelligent methodologies for interpretation as well as generating bills for in and outpatient services

Other services

eClinic further provides pharmacy management that enables the patient to collect medicine as their charges transfer to billing. Our system allows no overdoses or incorrect medicinal distributions. It also offers a discharge summary which is inclusive of all services administered to the patient. Consultant management is also available and essential to track the consultation charges of each department

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