Medical review services are designed to address the concerns related to organizing and streamlining medical records. These services aim at supporting professionals in the medical and legal industry that may be looking to obtain some quality time to spend on core processes. A medical record review company providing the review takes up the responsibility of organizing, indexing and summarizing the medical records pertinent to a case, and presenting the vital medical data in a concise and clear form. The support provided by a reputable external agency for medical record review has now come to be recognized as invaluable for professionals involved in medical litigation.

A Comprehensive Portfolio of Services

The comprehensive portfolio of services including independent medical reviews provided by a reliable medical record review company benefits medico-legal professionals, insurance companies, private corporations and other entities having to deal with medical records. The major services you can request for are:

  • Medical record organization and indexing
  • Medical case chronology
  • Medical case history and summary

Professional medical reviewers skilled in the review process will quickly sort, organize and index your voluminous medical records that may be baffling to the untrained eye. The team comprises medical professionals as well with substantial knowledge of medical terminology and exposure to the healthcare environment. The review team prepares a clear timeline or chronology of events that will give you a lucid understanding of the sequence of medical events. You can ask for medical case history and summary that will highlight the important aspects of a case, making it easy for you to understand the case.

Medical review services also include retrieving missing records if any, which may prove indispensable at a later stage. Your medical record review company is committed to providing you with each and every medical record applicable to your case. This is such a relief because you don’t have to go hunting for vital information at the time of need.

Customized Medical Record Review Services

Customized medical review service is what you should be looking out for. This is considered a major benefit of outsourcing. When you partner with an experienced company with a number of satisfied clients to its credit, you can be assured of personalized services.

  • You will have a dedicated project manager assigned to look after your medical record review requirements.
  • The medical record review team will be one thoroughly knowledgeable in the required medical specialty. This will ensure that the review process is done accurately with no room for error.
  • Your reviews will be made available within your required turnaround time.

Other Benefits Thrown in

A medical record review company that is responsive to client requirements will provide other benefits along with its medical review services. These include:

  • Round-the-clock service
  • HIPAA compliance
  • Ensured security and confidentiality for patient data
  • Cost savings of 30 to 50%
  • 3 tier QA process to ensure superior quality of output
  • Free trial to evaluate their services
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Medical review services – Managed Outsource Solutions (MOS) provides end-to-end solutions that meet the medical record review needs of its clients. Medical review services are a great help for attorneys, medical-legal consultants, insurance staff, and case review firms.