Medical wastes or clinical wastes are unwanted biological products which are highly infectious in nature. It has to be disposed properly otherwise it could pose as a health and environmental danger. Medical wastes are found in hospitals, laboratories, research centers, tattoo parlors etc. Medical wastes are broadly classified into infectious waste and bio-hazardous waste. These medical wastes can easily spread any disease virally and can even pose a danger to life.

Effective medical waste disposal is the first and foremost way to prevent unwanted disease and prevent untoward infection towards human beings from medical wastes. All staffs in any hospitals or laboratories are equally responsible in housekeeping. Good housekeeping can reduce the infection to a great extent. It also cuts down the spreading of micro organism, bacteria, etc. Here you can find the need for proper medical waste disposal techniques and the risks involved with improper handling.

Advantages of proper Medical waste disposal

(a)It creates a healthy atmosphere free from microbes.

(b)Minimizes the risk of infection to staffs, visitors and other people.

(c)Cuts off unpleasant sights and bad odors

(d)Contaminations of water and ground soil are avoided.

(e)Reduces fleas and insects, also cuts off animal coming towards the medical waste.

Anyone who handles medical wastes must deal with it carefully otherwise they will be also easily prone to the infection. Most staff does not know the risks involved while handling medical wastes and the infections related with it. Supervisors have to make sure that they follow the guidelines while handling medical wastes. Sharp objects like used injections and needles pose serious infections like HIV, HBV, etc. It is good to get all the staff vaccinated for Hepatitis B Virus. If medical wastes are not properly disposed by staffs then it may easily spread to patients and other clients who visit hospital and laboratories.

Next important hazard is disposing medical waste in an improper way, for e.g. if a needle goes to the hand of a kid he/she may get easily infected with it unknowingly. Scavengers who handle medical wastes are also at risk, they must use proper equipments and state of the art technique while disposing the medical wastes.

Moreover while disposing the medical waste it must be done cautiously without polluting the environment. Staffs who dispose the medical wastes must be well trained and they must be observed by a supervisor. In addition every hospital must follow the segregation guidelines.

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