This year the Medicare Open Enrollment period was extended to 3 weeks, from October 15th, 2011, to December 7th, 2011. This extended revision period has allowed seniors additional options to review their policies and make educated decisions about whether or not to get a Medicare Advantage plan before the new calendar year begins.

With more and more "baby boomers" qualifying for Medicare, the demand has gone up and sales for many Medicare supplement providers are all all time highs. With increasingly advanced technologies on the internet and elsewhere, it has become easier for seniors to compare the different plans to make sure they get the best possible price for their specific needs.

The new Affordable Care Act is also helping seniors with Medicare save more than 1.2 billion dollars on prescriptions, which averages to $550 per person, an incredible savings. Medicare also announced that average Medicare Advantage premiums will drop 4 percent next year.

All of this adds up to increasingly good news for seniors. Although there is no absolutely free healthcare like in other countries, many savings plans are being ramped up and adjusted to ensure United States residents are being taken care of when they need it most - in older age.

Announced November 14th, over 1 billion dollars will be awarded to projects across the country to improve high quality medical care and save money - in an offering launched by the Department of Health and Human Services. This program will support programs, first, that rapidly hire, train and deploy health workers. This is connected to the Affordable Care Act, and will be awarded to those applicants who offer the best, most compelling ideas to improve care and lower costs for those who need Medicare and other health care needs. It has never been a better time to be a senior in the United States - new advancements in health, all time highs in life expectancy, and health care improvements all mean having wrinkles isn't that bad of thing.

For those unaware about what Medicare entails or are just entering the age brackets, often times the health plans are substandard in what they fully offer seniors. senior insurance health plan offers an addendum to these plans. Depending on your needs, the appropriate Medigap plan differs. For more details on the specifics of the plans, see this listing of Medigap plan info.

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Ross Markam works for and a Burial Insurance for Seniors company and is adamant about helping seniors and improving standards of life through fitness, health care, and eating well.