There are so many reasons why anyone with Angular Cheilitis would want to have it healed as soon as possible. It is not because the disease is deadly. It is not because it is contagious. Most of all, it is not due to the fact that it is not curable.

Rather, it is because Angular Cheilitis causes too much pain even with little movements. It also gives discomfort to the one suffering from it, both physically and socially. When you have this disease, it is like being imprisoned because you would usually find yourself being avoided by other people.

But don’t worry because there are cures for this disease.

• First, you can provide a solution to one of the visible signs of Angular Cheilitis- chapped lips. Apply a paraffin-based lip balm or ointment on the affected area.
• Second, you should go to your physician in order to get answers as to what drugs and other sort of medications should be taken to put your mouth’s appearance back to normal. However, there are common OTC anti-fungal medications which can be availed in pharmacies that are in topical form. These anti-fungal drugs are:

1. Ketoconazole – This antifungal is sold at drug stores as Nizoral, Mycelex, and Monista. This works its healing process on the affected area by altering the cell wall of the fungus that keeps on attacking the body of the affected person. By doing so, the fungus will eventually be damaged and will disappear.

2. Nystatin – Its common brand names are Mycolog, Mycostatin, and Nilstat. The drug is an antibiotic that works on attacking the different infections brought about by various subclasses of fungi. Typical prescription would allow the patient to take this orally three to five times daily. It can be applied more frequently because it is not as strong and not as damaging to the bacteria as the other drugs are. This can be availed in tablet or liquid form.

3. Triazole – This can be bought as Fluconazole and Itraconazole. Itraconazole should be taken for a long period of time at a regular pace, even for as long as three months, until the laboratory results would show a negative on the fungus. Fluconazole can be in tablet or liquid form and should be taken once a day for several weeks.

4. Amophotericin B – This has brand names such as Adria, Fungizone, and Apothecon. It is a strong drug that can easily wipe off fungi. However, this should be used cautiously because this may worsen the condition instead.

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