There are countless herbs available in this world and it is being used for various purposes. Some of them are being used regularly in our daily life or if one herb is not being used by us daily in our kitchen, that does not mean nobody around world would not use it. Yes, as we know that in the world there are several countries, regions, religions, so all people are having different values and traditions. The food habits and choice depends place to place or individual choice. Astragalus root is another herb that is especially being used for making medicines by Chinese doctors.

Basically, Astragalus root is effective for immune system. It has a sweet flavor with warm effect. On lung channels and spleen, this herb affect in a fast way. To cure lungs issue, lingering cough, stomach and spleen deficiency, this herb works like a panacea. Thus it has a great medicinal quality. Generally, this plant belongs to Mangolia and Northern China. In China, this herb is recommended most often by doctors for common health issues like flue or cold.

This herb has polysaccharides and the presence of polysaccharides enables it to work effectively on immune system. The medicine made of astragalus root can be found in different forms as in tablets, powder, capsules etc. But some people use roots directly by boiling astragalus root for a while and use it in mixing with tea throughout the day. The best and effective amount to take up astragalus root is 15 grams daily. Don’t increase the dosage.

Usually, doctors suggest this medicine to use at night before sleeping. The reason for the same is; after taking astragalus root, a user feels sleepy. So, taking it at night is certainly an ideal time. According to many Chinese doctors, this plant has amazing medicinal power and taking it straight is better than extracts.

The ultimate health benefits which a user can get after using these roots are as below:-

1: Astragalus root is a great energy booster tonic. So, doctors recommend it in prolonged stress or mild fatigue.
2: It enhances metabolism, body strength, human stamina and vitality.
3: This medicine is really versatile for diabetes treatment.
4: It is helpful in making immune system strong.
5: The roots is effective for improving blood circulation and helpful for heart diseases.
6: It is a great anti inflammatory drug as well which is used for lung weakness and effective for healing diseases.

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