Last week, I had the pleasure of meeting meditation teacher, David Harshada Wagner at East West Books in New York City to celebrate the release of his new meditation CD called “Meditation for Everyone.”

Although his name was new to me, something drew me to the invitation in my e-mail inbox, and I decided to attend the event, and stay for the meditation class following -- which happens to takes place every Wednesday night at East West Yoga next door to the bookstore. And I’m so glad I did!

Harshada is the founder and director of Banyan Education in New York, a writer, meditation teacher and a yogi, who travels around the world teaching people to go within and connect with a higher power, and also teaches mediation to soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.

When he spoke last Wednesday night in the café at East West Bookstore, he told the audience his goal is to get everyone to know their own soul.

“There is a part in each and every human being that yearns to be connected to the world around us, the people around us and to source energy or God,” said Harshada. “In teaching meditation, I feel I’m giving people from all walks of life a way to connect with God.”

He explained that most people who try mediation for the first time complain it is impossible or boring to do, and his goal is to change that view. “I present mediation so it’s more like a hot bath and less like a cold shower,” he joked.

The new CD offers three guided mediations that can be done by the expert of the novice, and Harashada’s voice guides the listener into and out of each one – all approximately 15 minutes each.

“The CD is a user-friendly approach to mediation, mediations crafted for anyone,” he said. “I lead you in and out, but the most important part is the chunk in the middle where I do nothing. It’s in the gap.”

I had the pleasure of sitting in on the class where Harshada not only guided a large group of us through a series of meditations, but also spoke about the goal of meditation – not just to get quiet and relax, but to go within and awaken to who we really are, to find the God energy within us, and to discover a new type of awareness. And the experience was amazing. I found time stood still for me, and I what was surely at least 10 minutes felt like only seconds.

If you happen to be around on a Wednesday night in New York City, I recommend taking his class at East West near Union Square. If not, I recommend his new CD. And I thank Harshada for the wonderful experience. I will surely be dropping by again!

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