Meditation is a tool that gives you the opportunity to look inside. There are many different types of meditations but ultimately the goal for most of them is the same, to quiet the mind. With that being said it is very important to understand the process, since it is the journey of meditation that is most important, the goal will follow naturally. To start, set aside time in a quiet place without interruption. While meditating, there is nothing to do but be a witness to your experience, watching who you are and what comes up for you during the meditation. It may happen, for example that you are anxious during meditation, that’s ok, be anxious fully, without judgment. Witness your anxiety by noticing what happens to your breath, your body, your thoughts, the different sensations, and so on. The practice of doing this brings a sense of understanding and peace about yourself that you carry with you in your day to day life. Therefore, if you are interacting with others or doing something mundane you can take that sense of inner knowing, of being the witness and apply it. This will help you live more authentically and allow you to truly enjoy whatever life presents you. Starting a practice of meditation can be done by setting aside as little as five minutes, it is really about your total commitment to just “be” for those few minutes and see what that is for you. Slowly you will access deeper parts of yourself, small moments of silence, truly being present and you will see a transformation happening in your day to day life. The practice of meditation, of following your breath and witnessing who you really are, will change your life.

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Debbie Gottlieb, MSW is a Mind/Body Psychotherapist who works with individuals, couples and families to help them live a more authentic life. Her holistic approach to therapy allows her clients to achieve a greater sense of self and provides them with tools to be able to face life's challenges with peace and inner calm. Her holistic psychotherapy practice is located in Ft. Lauderdale and Hollywood, Florida. More information can be found about Debbie at