We all know some of those people who always seem to be all right: their businesses and projects thrive quickly, their plans materialize almost out of nowhere, they always find new opportunities, all the businesses they start seem to have a good star ... It seems as if abundance will gravitate towards them, right? And surely you have wondered more than once how they get it, in addition to work and perseverance: how do they get so lucky? Well, most likely it is not a matter of luck or good fortune at all, but a methodical and tenacious work of meditation, visualization, and positive psychology.

The abundance meditation is a powerful tool when getting attract abundance into our lives. It is important that we keep in mind that with the term abundance we are not just referring to material wealth. In addition to material goods, we refer to abundance in the broadest sense of the word, including spiritual wealth, total fullness and gratitude to the universe.

Next, we will see what we can do to attract abundance, wealth and fulfillment to our lives.

Starting point and definition of objectives

The attitude with which we start is fundamental. Fears, doubts, and selfishness will become very difficult obstacles to save that will separate us from our goal. On the other hand, if we start from an attitude of gratitude and appreciation, the path will gradually be paved the deeper we get into those feelings.

To achieve this ideal state or starting point, there are two very simple exercises that we can perform:

1) Every day, before bedtime, do a little review of those things for which you feel gratitude. You can do it mentally while you are in bed, or you can write it and make a small list if that works best for you. No matter how small, it is simply to connect with that sense of gratitude to the universe.

2) Whenever you feel discouraged, discouraged, are not in the best mood or have negative thoughts, stop to look around and force your attention to something that seems beautiful , well, that makes you smile or move. It can be the way in which a child looks at his mother, the trill of birds or a beautiful flower, if you are outdoors; or something that may seem more prosaic like how nice a hot shower feels on your skin, if you're at home.

You will notice that at first you have to make a conscious effort, but over time your mind will automatically search for those little things. These exercises, in addition to preparing you for your meditation to be much more effective (you can think of them as the foundation of your project), will make your general mood much better.

In addition to carrying out these exercises, it is important that you define your objectives precisely , then we will see why.

Different types of exercises and meditations to attract abundance and wealth

- Visualizations . It is something you can do at any time of the day, even in bed before bed or just after waking up. If you do it just up, it will also help you to start the day with a very pleasant feeling.

It is about visualizing in your mind situations that for you involve abundance and wealth and that you integrate into them. You can see yourself collecting a large check and celebrating it with your loved ones, making someone a valuable gift ... The scene is not so important, the fundamental thing is that you focus on the feelings, on how you feel while you live that scene. The more details you add, the more effective the visualization will be. That is why it is so important that your objectives are well defined, as that will help you visualize with a high degree of detail.

- Isochronic audios . Isochronous tones are sounds that reproduce at equal intervals. It is a type of technology used to synchronize the cerebral hemispheres, meditate and program the mind. On the internet you can find many audios of this type to generate wealth and abundance.

- Binaural sounds . This type of audio is characterized in that each ear receives a slightly different pulse. The result is that it helps us plunge the brain into a state of very deep relaxation that is ideal for meditation. Binaural sounds are widely used in exercises of application of the Law of Attraction. It should be noted that they require the use of headphones.

- Monaural sounds . The principle is very similar to that of binaural tones, with the difference that headphones are not required and are softer to the ear. They are usually combined with subliminal messages.

- Guided meditations . It consists in letting your mind and your imagination be directed by the instructions of a teacher who will ask you to concentrate on one thing or another and visualize what he or she will indicate. Being something already structured, it is the ideal system to start in meditation if you have never tried it before. Abundance meditation can bring progress and increase in your wealth and energy.


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